Yuen Long Fairview Garden|Two-story bungalow + over 2000 square feet large garden

Yuen Long Fairview Garden|Two-story bungalow + over 2000 square feet large garden

[Easy property viewing group 🏠Properties for you to view]Yuen Long Splendid Garden|Two-story bungalow + over 2,000 sq. reason? |Self-sufficient facilities|Traffic strategy|Mortgage|Second-hand|Property market|Real estate|Canadian Overseas Construction|Hong Kong|Easy property viewing group|Real estates are up to you. There are many foreign-style housing estates in the New Territories, the largest of which is located in Yuen Long Taisheng Garden The Fairview Garden offers 5,024 bungalows. The housing estate covers an area of ​​about 116 hectares, equivalent to six Victoria Parks. Before the 1970s, it was just a large fishing pond. Later, it was acquired and developed by Canadian Overseas Construction, and more than 5,000 two- to three-storey bungalows were built. Until now, it is still the largest bungalow estate in Hong Kong. Each bungalow has a parking space and front and rear gardens, but the inner cage is roughly divided into 9 types of houses, more than 10 kinds of layouts, some of which have balconies, and the usable area ranges from 840 to 1395 square feet. Although it is a bungalow, there are generally transactions of more than 10 million yuan, and even 9 million yuan this year. . The entire housing estate is run through by 112 private roads. The listing to be visited is located on Lizhi West Road, which is located at the edge of the housing estate, relatively far away from the commercial shopping area and living facilities in the center of the housing estate. The bungalows are two storeys high, with an indoor usable area of ​​1,100 square feet. There are about 292 rooms in Jinxiu Garden, which are divided into three rooms. The current asking price of the owner is 17 million yuan, and the price per square foot is 15,455 yuan. After entering the gate, you will first pass through the front garden. Since the owner is still living, a private car is placed. If there is an extra private car, it can be parked in the passage connecting the front and rear gardens, or even enter the back garden. . In Splendid Gardens, only bungalows with a floor area of ​​950 square feet and 1100 square feet can achieve 100% practicality. After entering the house, the left side is the dining room and kitchen space, while the right side is the living room. The living room is very spacious, even after placing the sofa and TV cabinet, there is still a lot of space in the middle. The owner pointed out that it is no problem to put two yoga mats straight for yoga. The kitchen area is relatively small, but as a reference, the kitchen partition of this house type belongs to the structural wall. In other words, the wall cannot be dismantled, the kitchen cannot be enlarged, and an open kitchen cannot be achieved. The living room has a door leading out to the back garden. Although each bungalow here has a front and back garden, the area and style are different. This bungalow belongs to a long garden with “small front and big back”. Generally, for a bungalow of 1,100 square feet, the front and rear gardens together have a standard usable area of ​​about 1,169 square feet. However, the agent pointed out that this bungalow is a special household, and the garden will be larger, about 2,200 square feet. However, it should be noted that the owner cannot fence off the garden and garage, nor can he build a swimming pool. . The bungalows in the first phase of the housing estate have no partitions, and the owner can freely plan the room. The bungalow is an example. The owner built three rooms and a bathroom on the second floor. Another bungalow with a balcony in the second phase has a stem house, which has relatively less flexibility. The floors of bungalows are high, and many owners will build attics. The agent pointed out that some owners will divide this space into a worker’s room. The asking price of the listing is 17 million yuan. Since residential properties ranging from 12 million to 19.2 million yuan can only borrow up to 80% of the mortgage, the loan amount is capped at 9.6 million yuan. Assuming that the repayment period is 30 years and the interest rate is 3.5%, the down payment is 7.4 million yuan, and the monthly payment is about 43,900 yuan. A monthly income of about 92,500 yuan is required to pass the stress test. . If you have any real estate and want to know more, remember to leave a message to let us know 📢! ! .[Remember to help like👍our Facebook and subscribe🛎YouTube channel, and set the 28Hse page as “First Look/See First🧐”] . 📍Facebook: 📸Instagram: 📱Twitter: 🎞YouTube: . 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