[Xiaowang Hong Kong Tour]Tsuen Wan, Tsim Sha Tsui, all businesses are in depression|Hong Kong becomes a dead city at night|Vaccine passport is useless|Hong Kong Epidemic|Covid-19 situation in Hong Kong|Hong Kong Market Facts|24 Feb 2022

The number of confirmed cases of rashes in Hong Kong is on the rise, and the author of this content hopes to use a video to help people around the world understand the situation in Hong Kong and its unique characteristics. The author expresses confidence that Hong Kongers will overcome this challenge and wishes good health to all citizens. Contact information is provided for the author’s Instagram and email.

#香港Recently, the number of confirmed rashes in Hong Kong continues to rise. I hope to use this clip to let friends from all over the world understand the real situation of the Hong Kong market and the characteristics of Hong Kong. I believe that people will win the day and wish Hong Kong citizens good health. Wangshiduo Instagram: hksiuwong E-mail: hksiuwong@gmail.com