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👍Wong Tai Sin Bamboo Plate Recommendation: 🏠Bamboo Garden North Village Special Page: 🏠 Dong Tau Village Page: 🏠Wong Tai Sin Lower Village Special Page: 💬Online Customer Service Query: A living environment that can make you comfortable, of course one Ideal choice. If you have a healthy life, a strong body, and the elements that are easy to get in the car, this place of residence is really precious. It turns out that those who meet the above conditions can already be found in the Wong Tai Sin District! The environment in front of you is beautiful and the scenery is pleasant. For everyone, it is a good place to live. This is the Chuk Yuen North Village in Wong Tai Sin! Chuk Yuen North Village is located to the north of Wong Tai Sin, between Sha Tin Pass Road and Mai Ying Chu Street. Originally, the housing estate belonged to the public housing estates built by the Housing Authority. Later, under the government’s Tenant Ownership Scheme, Chuk Yuen North Village flowed into the market and became a popular item for those who did not get on the bus. The eight buildings in Zhuyuan North Village have more than 6,700 units and belong to a Y-shaped design. Generally, there are 8 households on each wing, and most of the 24 households on each floor are between 147 feet and 530 feet. Under the tenancy plan, tenants can Self-spaced, greatly improving the flexibility of the space. The biggest selling point of Zhuyuan North Village is its quiet environment. Surrounded by green mountains, every breath is fresh air. Moreover, there are plenty of recreational and sports facilities near the housing estate. In addition to the gymnasium, there are also large long stairs connecting Wong Tai Sin, which is suitable for people who like to exercise. In terms of living facilities, Zhuyuan North Village has its own market and shopping center, and also has a bus terminal leading to various districts, providing everything you need for food, clothing, housing and transportation. The second one to introduce is Dongtou Village! Tung Tau Village is located between San Po Kong and Kowloon City. Although the upper canal is planned to belong to the Wong Tai Sin district, it is actually only a few minutes away from Kowloon City. Tung Tau Village is a public housing estate for sale. The entire housing estate has more than 6000 units buried. The residential area ranges from 150 to 600 feet. Since the opening of the Kai Tak Station on the Tuen Ma Line, Tung Tau Village is located in the middle point. Kowloon City, which has the advantages of Lok Fu Station and Kai Tak Station, is also one of the hot spots for food, clothing, housing and transportation for Hong Kong people. But for many sports people, the most attractive place in Tung Tau Village is that it is adjacent to the largest park in Wong Tai Sin District-Morse Park. Morse Park is divided into four areas, with a large number of rich recreational facilities. In addition to the infrastructure such as swimming pools, tennis courts, indoor gymnasiums, etc., there are many types of grassland, artificial grass, and even hard ground. Different football fields are very popular among football fans, and they are more often practiced by professional football teams. But when it comes to Wong Tai Sin, we must introduce the iconic housing estate-Lower Wong Tai Sin. Lower Wong Tai Sin Village is located in the middle of Wong Tai Sin and Lok Fu. The entire housing estate has more than 4,700 units with an area ranging from 145 to 598 square feet. Wong Tai Sin Lower Village (one village) was formally occupied in the early 1990s, and the Housing Authority also allocated it as part of the TPS. It is still a popular choice for people who don’t get on the bus. Since the Lower Wong Tai Sin Village is surrounded by the three subway stations of Lok Fu, Wong Tai Sin, and Diamond Hill, residents of different blocks can choose transportation according to their status. Thanks to the tourism development of Wong Tai Sin Temple, there are many shops in the Wong Tai Sin Center nearby, and there are also local food on the streets and alleys. Life and entertainment are easy and convenient. The indicators of healthy living are also very high. The village also has facilities such as volleyball, basketball, badminton courts, and swimming pools, gymnasiums, and various sports and recreational venues, which surround the entire housing estate and make you love sports. Residents can start at any time to exercise their body and mind! Do you have any favorites in the above housing estates? 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