Win Plaza [Office] [HONG KONG] [PDF] [Floor Plans]

Name of the Development: Win Plaza
Total Number of Storeys: 28 storeys
Property Category: Offices


7th – 25th Floor Plan        PDF – Mirror: coming soon
26th Floor Plan               PDF – Mirror: coming soon
27th – 28th Floor Plan    PDF – Mirror: coming soon

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[Recommended by agent Scarlett]Room C, Middle Floor, Tower 3, Jinhuang Palace | Hong Kong 香港

KOL Apartment – Scarlett Sun (S-564516) Property Promotion: 🏠Jin Huangju Tower 3, Middle Floor Room C (Property No.: M301464294) Property Address: Sham Tseng / No. 8, Shen Ci Road, Tsing Lung Tau Usable Area: 653 feet Interval: Unit Facilities /Features: Property Facilities: Clubhouse, Swimming Pool, Children’s Facilities, Sports Facilities, Entertainment Facilities, Dining Facilities, Beauty/Health Care, […]