Weekly property market|Primary and second-hand transactions have increased significantly|But “volume increases but prices do not rise”? |The top ten housing estates are still sold at a loss? |Which one of the new ones is the best seller? |Taikoo Shing|Metropolis|City One Shatin|New property|ONE INNOVALE|Hai Yin Manor|First hand|Second hand|Hong Kong|Easy property viewing group|Properties are up to you

Hong Kong’s property market saw significant increases in both primary and second-hand transactions in the past weeks, with some top ten housing estates recording about 20 transactions. However, property prices have not seen support and some large-scale housing estates are still recording loss-making transactions. The new market is dominated by the tail end of goods, with about 82 transactions recorded in the past weekend alone. Henderson Land’s Fanling North ONE INNOVALE series attracted the most attention, with 23 transactions recorded in two days. Developers, including Wheelock and SHKP, are expected to upload property brochures and announce first price lists this week.

[Yifa Property Inspection Group 🏠 Weekly Property Market]Yifa Weekly Property Market|Primary and second-hand transactions have increased significantly|But “volume rises but prices don’t”? |The top ten housing estates are still sold at a loss? |Which one of the new ones is the best seller? |Taikoo Shing|Metropolis|City One Shatin|New Properties|ONE INNOVALE|Hai Yin Manor|First-hand|Second-hand|Hong Kong|Easy Property Inspection Group|The property market in one week is favored by the comprehensive customs clearance of China and Hong Kong, and the market expects more tourists from the mainland In addition, the interest rate in the United States has peaked, and the overall property market sentiment continues to pick up. In the past two weekends, the transaction volume of the top ten housing estates continued to rise, and some agents recorded about 20 transactions. Among them, Midland’s turnover rose to a 6-week high, which was also the 11th consecutive week of double-digit turnover. Although second-hand transactions continue to increase, property prices have not seen support for the time being, and large-scale housing estates still have loss-making transactions. As for the new market, it will continue to be dominated by the tail of goods. A total of about 82 transactions were recorded in the two days of the weekend, which has risen for 3 consecutive weeks and is also a weekend high in the past 4 months. The transactions were mainly from the Fanling North ONE INNOVALE series under Henderson Land. A total of 23 transactions were recorded in two days on the 6th, with the transaction price ranging from about 3.36 million to 6.87 million yuan, attracting more than 100 million yuan. This week, you can pay attention to Wheelock’s Kowloon East KOKO ROSSO, which will open its price on Thursday. The developer pointed out that the first batch of no less than 80 units will provide one-bedroom and two-bedroom units, and it is expected that the price of one room will be less than 8 million yuan. In addition, SHKP Tuen Mun NOVO LAND Phase 2B is also expected to upload the property brochure and announce the first price list this week. If you have any real estate and want to know more, remember to leave a message to let us know 📢! ![Remember to help like👍Our Facebook and subscribe to the 🛎YouTube channel, and set the 28Hse page as “First Look/See First🧐”]📍Facebook: 📸Instagram: 📱Twitter: 🎞YouTube: #通关#十大屋Court#Secondhand#Transaction#Transaction volume#Elimination let#太古城#新都城#沙田#第一城#新盘#ONEINNOVALE #海阴园#KOKOROSSO #NOVOLAND #一手#恒地#九建#新地#会德丰#房城市#地产#香港#易发阻屋团# Extended reading of the property market for a week: * More property market videos