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👍Tseung Kwan O South Bamboo Plate Recommendation: 🏠SAVANNAH Page: 🏠THE PARKSIDE Page: 🏠Blue Pool Ao Page: 💬Online Customer Service Query: The blue sea and blue sky are the favorite places to live for people who don’t have pets, and the best places nearby are Facilities that support pets are even more desirable. In this place in Hong Kong, Biandu has this kind of proud and beautiful market first? Go to Tseung Kwan O! “blue sea, blue sky. Love and Fun-Tseung Kwan O South” Tseung Kwan O South is the most attractive reason for pet owners to choose a place to settle around. It is because of the quiet environment. There is one of the largest pet parks in Hong Kong-Environmental Avenue Pet Park. The park covers an area of ​​more than 4,000 square feet. It divides the activity area for big pets and small pets, and the middle grass area is rich, no matter what pets want to run, it is unrestrained, and the park facilities are diversified. There is a pet washing room and a pet park. It is quite rare. If you want to live there, you can see SAVANNAH, the first housing estate we want to introduce from the park. SAVANNAH developed by Wheelock is divided into eight stratified buildings and five detached houses. The entire housing estate provides 804 units with a very diversified area. The stratified units range from nearly 300 feet to 1,900 feet. They provide open-plan to four-bedroom units. The main project is two-bedroom units. The other five detached houses are about 1,900 feet in size, all of which are 4-bedroom units, with 400-500 feet of independent gardens. Therefore, it is very easy for passengers on the bus to middle-class families to find their favorite units. It takes about 6-8 minutes to walk to Tseung Kwan O Station, which is very convenient. In addition to the pedestal shopping mall, SAVANNAH is also very close to several large shopping malls nearby, such as Popwalk, Popcorn, Tseung Kwan O Plaza and so on. And THE PARKSIDE next to SAVANNAH is also a favorite. THE PARKSIDE, which is also developed by Wheelock and was acquired in 2015, consists of 5 buildings with a total of 591 units. THE PARKSIDE offers 1-bedroom to 4-bedroom units, as well as 13 characteristic units, of which one-bedroom and two-bedroom units account for half of the entire housing estate, which is a major project. The housing estate also has a clubhouse of approximately 30,000 square feet, providing indoor and outdoor swimming pools, fitness rooms, and sports grounds. Housing facilities are as convenient as SAVANNAH. They are also a few minutes away from Tseung Kwan O Station and surrounded by a large number of shopping malls. As a pet owner, one of the advantages of living in Tseung Kwan O Zhong is that the Tseung Kwan O Plaza and the Tseung Kwan O Center are now buried together, and there are already pet supplies stores and pet hospitals in the popwalk next to it. So not only the daily needs, even the needs of pets can be perfectly taken care of. If you want to buy a unit with a sea view, Blue Pool Ao is not to be missed. The name of the housing estate can already tell you that Blue Pool Ao is facing the Blue Pool Strait. Seventy percent of the units have invincible sea views, which is the most attractive part of the housing estate. The housing estate consists of seven stratified buildings and 23 independent houses, providing 605 units. The stratified properties are 12 to 18 stories high, with two staircases of 2 to 10 units, with an area ranging from 368 to 1,800 feet. There are 1-bedroom to 4-bedroom units, and most of the units have terraces. The 23 detached houses are five to six stories high, with an area ranging from 2,200 to 3,700 feet, and are divided into 3 to 4 bedroom units. In addition to the large clubs for residents, the housing estate also has its own 100,000-square-foot shopping mall, where you can eat, relax, and relax! Residents can also go to POPwalk, popcorn and other large landmark shopping malls, where the needs of pets and owners are fully taken care of. In terms of transportation, the estate is about 6 to 8 minutes away from Tseung Kwan O Station! Ground transportation is also very abundant. Many bus lines and minibus lines go to neighboring areas and various places in Hong Kong and Kowloon. Are you interested and want to know more? 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