TikTok Ban and Hong Kong Situation |

The Indian government has decided to ban TikTok and 58 other Chinese apps due to the Chinese Intelligence Law of 2017, which forces private companies in China to comply with the Chinese Communist Party and share their data. This threats the privacy of users and prompted the ban. The ban may have an impact on China, and the situation is explained in the video along with an update on the ongoing situation in Hong Kong. The Kuvera app is promoted as India’s first free direct mutual fund and gold investing platform. The video also includes international reactions and a message to TikTok users.

Indian government has taken the decision to ban Tiktok and 58 other chinese apps recently. How much of an impact will it have on China? I talk about this in the video and also explain the current ongoing situation in Hong Kong. Chinese Intelligence Law of 2017 forces any private company in China to bow down to the Chinese Communist Party and share their date. This is what makes apps like Tiktok a threat to the privacy of users. Kuvera App download: Kuvera is India’s First Free Direct Mutual Fund and Gold Investing Platform . Experience simplified investing in mutual funds with Zero Fee and Higher Returns! Support my work and join as a member to get exclusive stuff: 1. On Patreon: 2. On Youtube: 0:00 TikTok Ban 2:06 Is the Ban Permanent? 4:55 Hong Kong Situation 7:46 International Reaction 9:35 Border Intrusion Update 11:11 Message to Tiktokers ————————— ————————- For more informative videos and discussion on important Indian and world issues- Telegram channel to receive instant video updates: More videos by Dhruv Rathee – Financial Education: – Ground Reports from across the World: – Indian Politics Videos: – Educational Videos: – Interviews by Dhruv Rathee: Support on Patreon: Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: ———- ——————————————