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Tin Shing Court is a large-scale Housing Authority Scheme (HOS) located in the Tin Shui Wai district of Hong Kong. With good transportation links, residents in the area share tips for daily life. The estate comprises 17 property blocks and 6,580 units, with a utilization rate of around 74%-75%. Established in 1999 and managed by Kai Shing Management Services Limited, it is a second-hand residential property and cannot be used to promote any first-hand residential properties. Midland Property’s website, YouTube channel, Facebook, and Instagram pages provide more information on Tin Shing Court and other Hong Kong properties.

Tin Shing Court, a HOS in Tin Shui Wai, is a large-scale HOS in Hong Kong and enjoys the advantages of transportation. What tips do residents in the area have for daily life? Watch the movie now to learn more! Property Name: TIN SHING COURT District: Tin Shui Wai District: New Territories Address/Lot: No. 3, Tin Ching Street Estate Type: HOS Building Type: Kanghe Style / Harmony Style Property Blocks: 17 Property Floors: 40 floors (AF, H, JR), 30 floors (Tower G) total number of units: 6,580 units per floor: 16 units: 1st to 40th floors (A to D) 8 units: 1st to 40th floors (E to F , H and J to R), 6 units: 1 to 30 floors (G) Utilization rate: about 74% – 75% Phase/date of first sale: Phase 19B, Phase 19C, Phase 2 Tenth Phase B Occupancy Date: December 28, 1999 (Towers A, B), February 24, 2000 (Towers C, D, G) February 21, 2000 (Towers E, F), February 2000 16th (Block H, JL) January 24th, 2000 (Block MR) Owners’ Corporation: Established Property School Net: Near Kindergarten Yuen Long; Primary School 72 Net; Secondary School Yuen Long Parking Lot: Seller/Seller’s Control Company: Vendor Hong Kong Housing Authority Land grant period: 50 years, commencing from November 28, 1997 Management company: Kai Shing Management Services Limited Disclaimer: This promotional material can only be used to promote and promote second-hand residential properties and For reference only, not and cannot be used to promote any first-hand residential properties, the accuracy and authenticity of which are subject to the information provided by the real estate developer. #天水威#天盛园#西铁#Everyone turns into a property searcher ▼▼See more▼▼ Go to the “Midland Property” housing estate page: Subscribe to the “Midland Property” YouTube channel: Like “Midland Property” Property” Facebook Page: Follow “Midland Property” on Instagram:


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