The United States suspended interest rate hikes, and property prices softened recently. Second-hand transaction volume rose last week. | Hong Kong 香港

The Federal Reserve announced the results of its interest rate meeting last week, keeping the interest rate unchanged as expected by the market. This is the first time that the interest rate has not been raised after 10 consecutive interest rate hikes. The large banks in Hong Kong have also announced that they will keep the best interest rate unchanged. The market expects a cycle of interest rate hikes. It is coming to an end; coupled with the recent signs of property prices softening, the number of discounted listings has increased, which has pushed some buyers into the market, and the transaction volume of second-hand housing increased week-on-week last week. The 35 large housing estates in Hong Kong recorded a total of 49 transactions in the past week (June 12 to June 18), an increase of 40% from the previous week’s 35 transactions, rising for 2 consecutive weeks and hitting a new high in 7 weeks. If these 35 housing estates are divided according to the three districts of Hong Kong, Kowloon, and New Territories, the Kowloon district performed outstandingly, with 19 transactions recorded in the district last week, a weekly increase of nearly 1.4 times. As for the New Territories, 23 transactions were recorded last week, an increase of 15% week-on-week. Hong Kong Island recorded 7 transactions last week, and the number of transactions remained unchanged from week to week. In terms of property prices, the “Midland Property Price Index” was last reported at 154.19 points, down 0.22% week-on-week, falling for 3 consecutive weeks; it also fell 0.34% from four weeks ago; and it has risen 5.58% so far this year. Disclaimer The copyright of this report belongs to HongKongFloorPlans. Midland Property Real Estate Information and Research Center strives to be accurate and reliable. All information, opinions and forecasts are for reference only, and no guarantee is made for its accuracy and completeness. Investment based on this is at your own responsibility. #香港工作#Hong Kong Buying a House#Hong Kong Buying a House Strategy#美联物业#香港美联物业#香港好房#Hong Kong House#Hong Kong Exploring Room#Hong Kong Watching a House#Hong Kong Real Estate#Hong Kong Price#Hong Kong Real Estate


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