The effect of high land prices in Kwudong becomes the next “explosion zone”|【Fortune Live Channel】Huang Guangyao, Bu Shaoming, Lin Zibin | Hong Kong 香港

📌 The theme of this episode-【High land price effect Kwu Tung becomes the next “explosive area”】 #美伦Property​​ #資福生活台​​ #吴东#國動区 Wheelock won the Kwu Tung land at a high price and turned it into the North Tower of the New Territories New indicators for the market! The successive launch of official land in the region will have a knock-on effect on the market afterward? How do buyers deploy, until the time of appreciation is exhausted? Today, I invite Huang Guangyao, Managing Director of Wheelock Properties, Bu Shaoming, Chief Executive Officer of HongKongFloorPlans’s Residential Department, and Lin Zibin, Director of Midland Surveyors, to give you a comprehensive analysis. This episode is shared as follows: 0:00 Kwu Tung Land Price Supporting Factors 5:45 Kwu Tung Development Process 10:36 New Area Potential 16:15 Northern Ring Road Infrastructure Effect 19:30 Attracting Tourists from All Over the World 23:03 Greater Bay Area Effect 25:42 Driving Neighbors District appreciation 29:01 Kwudong commercial value 31:05 Wheelock’s new trends 👉 If you have any questions about the property market or mortgage, please leave a message below, or inquire with our online customer service: 👉 Download the new and upgraded version of the #美liansunpan APP​​ 👉 The whole bank has the most 17 search criteria 🔍Newly added #MAP搵lou​​ #MTRstep search​​🚇搵lou in one step! #real estate competition​​ ⚖️ Help you choose the best bamboo shoots! #First agent to take a look at the building​​, the Internet celebrity agent takes a selfie shoot plate 📹 enjoy #personalized building information and seamless cross-platform experience​​! ———- ▼▼View more▼▼ Go to “Midland Property” official website: Subscribe “Midland Property” YouTube channel: Like “Midland Property” Facebook page: Follow “Midland Property” United Property” Instagram: Follow public account: meilian_hk (Meilian Property Hong Kong) ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄⭐ Wonderful review⭐ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ 📺 There is a way to “get on the bus” in the luxury residential area of ​​Shirley, a tourist KOL |[Fortune Live Channel]Jerry and Liao Jiahui 📺 Entering the Jiuyun Fengshui Building in 2024? |【Fortune Live Channel】Tang Bixia, Liao Jiahui, Wu Zifeng📺 All properties have “value investment”?Analysts Deconstructing Big Data Applications|【Fortune Live Channel】Chen Leyi, Liu Jiahui📺 Artists Zheng Qitai Luobin Chen Dao’s Life Inspiration|【Fortune Live Channel】Zheng Qitai, Liao Jiahui, Cao Deming Investment Path|【Fortune Live Channel】Song Zhiling, Bu Shaoming, Liu Jiahui 📺Lin Zuo’s philosophy of “getting in the car” behind the mansion on McDonald’s Road|【Fortune Live Channel】Lin Zuo, Bu Shaoming, Liu Jiahui