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Tai Wai, located in East New Territories, can be said to be a purely residential area with many large private housing estates and public housing. The nearby shopping malls and restaurants mainly cater for the daily needs of residents in the area. Although Tai Wai belongs to the New Territories, it is definitely the lifeblood of New Territories East connecting the urban area, because it is separated from the urban area by a mountain and has a tunnel running through it. It can be said to be the back garden of the urban area. The natural atmosphere of the New Territories certainly attracts many people who know how to live, so the housing demand in Tai Wai has always been strong. There are three MTR stations in the Tai Wai area, including Tai Wai Station, Che Kung Temple Station and Hin Keng Station. Among them, Tai Wai Station is the interchange station between East Rail Line and Ma Rail Line. Many. It may be the crown of the East MTR station in the New Territories. It can go directly to Lo Wu via the East Rail Line and cross the border to the Mainland, and via the Ma Rail Line to the Ma On Shan area. The Hin Keng Station on the Tuen Ma Line is also in the Tai Wai area. It can go directly to Kai Tak via Diamond Hill Station, then via Songhuangtai Station, To Kwa Wan Station, etc., connecting to Hung Hom Station and crossing the sea to Admiralty, from the New Territories to You can save a lot of time in the urban area. You can imagine why Tai Wai is so popular! The road network extends in all directions. In addition to the railway, there are three tunnels in the district, which lead to the urban area or other areas, including the Lion Rock Tunnel, the Jianshan Tunnel and the Shing Mun Tunnel. The road traffic network extends in all directions, and it is equally convenient to go to the border area, but out of Kowloon or West New Territories. In the region, you can really live a half-hour circle. The community development of Tai Wai is inseparable from the MTR station and Tai Wai Village near Tai Wai Station. Whether it is a restaurant converted from a village house or a ground shop in a private building, there are restaurants with their own characteristics. There are famous chicken porridge, hot shops, street food, café tasting, Japanese and Korean cuisine and authentic tea notes, etc. It is a gathering place for foodies in Taiwei. There are really good food for meals! There is also a market near Tai Wai Station, with a complete range of wet and dry goods, and the prices are low on the ground. It is a must-see for neighbourhoods to buy food. Basically, the neighbourhood of the railway station can fully meet the needs of life, and I can really buy the necessities when I get downstairs. The SHOPPING experience in Tai Wai will be more diversified. There has been a lack of large-scale shopping malls in the past, but the super-large shopping malls over 660,000 square feet above Tai Wai Station will become a new point for residents of Tai Wai and even New Territories East. One of the famous places in Tai Wai is, of course, the cycling track. Along the Shing Mun River, through Sha Tin and Tolo Harbour, you can go to Tai Po, which attracts many citizens. Come here to relax by cycling on holidays. Community facilities are complete. In terms of community facilities, since Tai Wai is a residential area, the recreational, sports and cultural facilities are quite mature, including Xiantian Public Swimming Pool, Football Field, Xiantian Recreation Ground, Che Kung Temple Road Recreation Ground, etc. There are also many in the area. Stadiums, including Meilin Stadium, Hin Keng Stadium and Che Kung Temple Stadium, etc. There is no shortage of prestigious schools in the district. Tai Wai belongs to the 88 elementary school network. Famous schools include the Immaculate Heart School, Sha Tin Government Primary School and Hong Kong Kowloon Tong Christian and Chinese Missionary Association Chen Yuanxi Primary School. The secondary school is the school network of Sha Tin District. The more popular ones are Baptist Lu Ming Choi Middle School, SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Middle School, and Sha Tin Suzhe College. There are a lot of introductions in this episode. Want to know more? Welcome to contact HongKongFloorPlans. .


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