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👍Tai Po Bamboo Plate Promotion: 🏠Elong Bay Special Page: 🏠Xinxing Garden Page: 🏠Tai Po Center Special Page: 💬Online Customer Service Inquiry: In Hong Kong, I want to open Dream House. Is it irresistible to have the conditions? Believe in the invincible sea view and the green mountain view, you will definitely not refuse! Life is close to nature, everyone is healthy and happy. Tai Po is a first-class choice close to nature. From a fishing port in the past to a mature new town today, Tai Po is inseparable from Tolo Harbour. The major large housing estates in the area extend along the Lam Tsuen River. Built to Tolo Harbor. The long cycling track runs from the riverside of Lam Tsuen to Tai Wai. In addition to cycling, it is also a training route for runners. Tai Po Waterfront Park is even more a good place to be close to nature. Whether you are morning transporters, runners, cyclists, or nearby residents, you will visit the beach every holiday to enjoy the sea view, exercise, relax, and enjoy Leisure life in Tai Po. In addition to the beautiful sea view, Tai Po also has the green mountain views of Pat Sin Leng. Living in Tai Po, you can get a Tai Mei Tuk BBQ, bike riders, and boat riders. You don’t know how to enjoy life. People who love sports will definitely be concerned about the availability of recreational and sports facilities in the residential community? Tai Po is very well-established. Near Tai Wo, there are large sports fields, gymnasiums and swimming pools. In Tai Po Market, there is the Tai Po Complex, which has indoor sports fields and gymnasiums, which are very popular among people in the district. There are many options for housing estates in Tai Po. Let me introduce to you first, the luxury mansion built near Tolo Harbour at Pak Shek Kok Road, the developer is Sino Land, adjacent to the Science Park and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Elite community. Mayfair by the Sea is divided into two phases, providing more than 1,000 units. Most of the units have sea views of Tolo Harbour and Pat Sin Leng mountain views. They are definitely the extra points of housing estates. Among them, there are nine residential buildings, nine low-rise houses and seven independent houses in the first phase. The three- and four-bedroom units are close to seven. to make. In the second phase, there are nine residential buildings, six low-rise residential buildings and five independent houses, which are low-density residential buildings with high privacy. There is a 100,000-square-foot clubhouse in Mayfair by the Sea, with swimming pools, hydromassage pools, and gardens. It is suitable for residents who want to live a healthy life. They will surely be able to perform FIT well. Another recommended housing estate is Xinxing Garden, a home ownership housing estate located in the center of Tai Po. The project is isolated in the center of Tai Po and is also close to Fu Shan Village. It does not take five minutes to drive to the waterfront. The environment is attractive. Five residential towers are lined up and provide nearly 1,500 units. Xinxing Garden is mainly two-bedroom and three-bedroom units, with an area ranging from more than 400 feet to more than 600 feet. I will introduce the Tai Po Center opposite to Xinxing Garden, the largest private residence in Tai Po City. The project is built on both banks of the Lincun River. Not many units have river views, and some high-rise units can even overlook Tolo Harbour. The project has six phases. There are 23 blocks in total, and there are more than 4,000 units in the whole estate, all of which are two-bedroom and three-bedroom units. There is a large shopping mall Tai Po Super City on the base. There are a field of department stores, supermarkets, specialty restaurants, electronic stores, trendy clothing stores, etc. It is a place where residents of Tai Po District must go for daily shopping, and the Xinxing Garden just introduced is also There is a footbridge directly accessible. In addition to the Super City, there are also Tai Po Plaza Shopping Mall, Prosperity Center Shopping Mall and Tsui Ping Garden Shopping Mall nearby, all connected by footbridges, forming a large shopping mall circle, so there is no need to worry about the wind and rain when shopping on the street. There is a bus terminus near Tai Po Center Phase I. Basically, all bus routes from Tai Po to various districts use this terminus or pass through it. There are frequent flights to and from Hong Kong Island, Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong Kok, Kwun Tong and the airport. In addition, regardless of Tai Po Centre or Sun Hing Garden, there are also two shuttle buses going to Tai Po Market Railway Station, which is convenient for residents to transfer to the East Rail Line. In conjunction with the Buisha Central Line, it is more convenient for Tai Po residents to leave Hong Kong Island. . For more details about the housing estate, please contact the following branches immediately. 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