【Midland Charity Fund‧Just Have a Dream My Community Micro Film Creation Contest🎬 2022】#46 “Bell · Soul” by Record Production – Kwun Tong | Hong Kong 香港

#美连# 小区有梦# Microfilm【Midland Charity Fund‧Just Have a Dream My Community Micro Film Creation Contest 🎬 2022】 #Hong Kong is a city of vitality, behind the development of the community, it is full of #young people of every generation# dream. Midland, rooted in Hong Kong for half a century, has been breathing with the #community, and […]

The 3-hour market entry record of Challenge “Real Buyers” in the epidemic market|【Fortune Live Channel】Li Zile (Joeman), Daniel Leung, Cai Jianglin (Candice) | Hong Kong 香港

📌 The theme of this episode -[“Challenge on the Epidemic Market, “True Buyer” 3-hour market entry record]#美连业​​ #上车# Buyer#entry record touching #New property sales wave after wave, #Prospective buyers should choose what to look for? What is the point of a #buying process? Under the epidemic, there are #challenges in buying a house? The new […]


Find out more about WAV: Enjoy this? Please Subscribe: For more FLOORPLAN: Floorplan is well known as Robert Hood’s house outlet, but in more recent years the alias has evolved into a family affair with co-production from his daughter, Lyric. The Floorplan project first came to light in 1996 when Hood used it to announce […]

Real Estate Purchase Record of Regal Property Buyers, Mortgages, and Real Estate Transfers |[置富直播台]#方富义#曹德明 | Hong Kong 香港

📌 The theme of this episode-[Real Estate Purchase Record, Mortgage, Real Estate Transfer]The China-US-Europe Gambling Game coincides with the expectation of customs clearance in the market and the return of North Water. What new pattern will the luxury home market usher in? How is Regal Land different from the general public? Storing wealth in the […]

How many years did the post-80s get on the car to record income and reduce expenditure? |【Fortune Live Broadcasting】Dai Jianzhang, Zhang Zicun, Cao Deming | Hong Kong 香港

📌 The theme of this episode-[After the 80s are struggling to get on the car, how far will they go to increase revenue and reduce expenditure? 】 #美联公寓​​ #置富直播台​​ #置业📺 Wong Chuk Hang House Channel: 👉 How to bury Wong Chuk Hang in the new market: 👉 If you have any questions about the property […]