Buying wealth from nothing vs. Victory Group Lin Zuo and his son’s investment strategies |[Buying wealth live broadcast channel]Wang Lini, Lin Zuo, Bu Shaoming | Hong Kong 香港

Summarize in english this content to 100 words 📌 Theme of this episode -[Building wealth from scratch vs. Victory Group Lin Zuo’s mother and son’s investment strategy]#美联 property​​ #志富直播台​​ #林尊#王trini# Investment strategy Speaking of Lin Zuo, many people are envious He has a “rich mother” and Wang Lini who nurtured him from a monthly income […]

Unemployment and wage cuts will kill you! How to protect yourself when renting a house? |[Zhifu Live Broadcasting Station]#唐耀贤#陈光玉#曹德明 | Hong Kong 香港

📌 The theme of this episode-[Salarycutsandunemploymentkillsyou!Howtoprotectyourselfwhenrentingahouseforhousing?】Livebroadcasttime:November22020(Monday)12:30-13:00TheepidemichasrepeatedlyhitHongKong’seconomyFollowingthelayoffsintheaviationindustrythesecondphaseofemploymentsupportwillendinNovemberItisexpectedthatvariousindustrieswillbeclosedoneafteranotherandpractitionerswillbeaffectedFormanyhomebuyersitwillinevitablybringburdensTodaypleasecometoMidlandRealtySalesDirectorBernieChenMeridianMortgageReferralChiefVicePresidentEricCaoTogetherwithTangYaoxianthefounderandexecutivedirectorof”GoodMasterCoDeco”hewillsharewithyoutheplantosavemoneyandprotectyourselfagainstthemarketandworktogethertotideovertheextraordinaryperiod00:00:Theprogramstarts02:07:TherearefrequentreportsofstewardessesandpilotsquittingleasesandpropertysalesinTungChungDistrict?05:01:Whatareasareaffected?Willpropertypricesandrentsintheaffectedareasbeunderdownwardpressure?05:54:IntheepidemicmarketownersaresellingtheirpropertiescollectingfloorsforrentorlivingintheirownhomesWhatchangeshavetherebeenintermsofdecorationrequirementsstylesandbudgets?07:46:Withmoretimespentstayingathomewilluserspaymoreattentiontotheworkandworksupportinthehome?08:58:Ifpeopleintheaffectedindustriesarereallyunluckytoreducelaborhousingallowanceorevenjointheranksoftheunemployedwhatself-insuranceplanisthere?10:04:Arethereanyhousingestateswithlowerrents?(andconvenienttogotoandfromtheairportforwork)13:29:Somebankstightenmortgageapplications?Practitionersinhigh-riskindustries(tourismhotelretailandaviationindustries)haveahighchanceofnotbeingapprovedforamortgageordeductingthemortgageratio?15:38:EmployeesintheaviationindustryneedtoapplyformortgagesHowtocalculatetheallowanceincome?If90%ofthemortgageiscontractedthebankwillonlycalculatethebasicsalaryasincome?16:19:Ifyoujustboughtahomeandarepreparingtoapplyforamortgagewillthebankapproveit?17:08:Iftheloanisnotwithdrawnaftertheapplicationisapprovedwillthebankrejecttheloan(recall)?17:30:Shouldtheunemployedapplyfortheinterestrepaymentplan?Arethereanyothertransitionalplansforeveryone?19:35:Inadditiontolookingforlow-costbambooshootswhenbuyingapropertyyoualsoneedtoconsiderthedecorationcostIfyouwanttosavedecorationmoneywhatarethetipsforchoosingasecond-handproperty?Howtoavoidthemakeupfloor?22:22:Takethebuildinginspectortoinspectthebuildingtogether?Haveotherpracticalsuggestions?24:34:ThedecorationfeeseemstobethepriceofseafoodArethereanycommonpositionstopayattentionto?Howtochooseacheapandreliablemaster?29:10:AviationtourismandretailindustrieswillstillbeunderpressureinthefutureWhatisthedefensivestrengthoftheseowners?Theownersellsthepropertytocashoutnomatterhowmuchorhowlittlehewillbuyaflatanytipsfortheowner?30:19:Renovationtipsfortightfinancialsituation▄▄▄▄▄▄▄⭐Wonderfulrecap⭐▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄📺Seekgrowthintheeraof”interest”tocatchQ4investmentthemesonebyone|start?|[ZhiFuLiveStream]#Ann姐#张家豪#刘嘉辉📺 Treasure hunt strategy for the boom in new buildings and new stocks|[Zhi Fu Live Stream]#郭思治#文伟明#布少明📺 Can the new housing estate be drawn? HOS vs private housing competition! |[Zhifu Live Stream]#1%Anthony #陈光玉#曹德明📺 Real record of rich people buying properties, picking properties, mortgages, and transferring real estate|[Zhi Fu Live Stream]#方富义#曹德明📺 Get […]

Mortgage New Normal Real Estate “Dangerous”‧”Opportunity” and “Demolition”|【Zhifu Live Broadcasting Station】#谂Sir #蔡德明 | Hong Kong 香港

📌 Theme of this episode-【The New Normal Mortgage Real Estate “Danger”‧”Opportunity” and “Dismantling”】 Live broadcast time: December 21, 2020 (Monday) 13:30-14:00 The Federal Reserve’s December interest rate meeting, Monday As expected by the market, the benchmark interest rate remains unchanged in the range of 0% to 0.25%, which is close to the “zero interest” level. […]

Property prices hit a new high and performed well in border areas? |[Chi Fu Live Broadcasting]Sir, Liu Jiahui, Lin Zibin | Hong Kong 香港

In September, second-hand property prices hit a record high while new projects from various industries rushed to the market. The “Sir” and surveyor Alvin provide an analysis of the transaction performance in each district and the location of supply centers. This episode also covers new property sales, ranking and distribution of sales in the first […]

Will urban railways disappear?Huang Chuk Hang Supply Review|【Fortune Live Channel】Lin Zibin, Liu Jiahui, Xu Zhiqiang | Hong Kong 香港

📌 The theme of this episode-【Will the urban railways disappear? Wong Chuk Hang Supply Review]#美聯物業 ​​ #國福報台​​ #黄竹 Hang👉Want to know more about the new property in Wong Chuk Hang? Contact the sales team today! Ada Yeung: 9022-2321 John Fong: 9277-3299 James Siu: 6484-8678 Samuel Lai: 9481-7661 Vincent Tse: 9230-2261 Frankie Tsui: 9192-9196 (guests in […]

Don’t want to miss the bamboo shoot plate?Insider’s words, you know the tricks of entering the market|【Fortune Live Channel】#1% Anthony #陈光宇 | Hong Kong 香港

📌 The theme of this episode-【Don’t want to miss the bamboo shoot plate? Insiders, you know the tips for entering the market]Live broadcast time: December 14, 2020 (Monday) 13:30 – 14:00 The end of the year coincides with the fourth wave of the epidemic. Property prices rebounded after being controlled, and buyers who “buy late […]

There are ways to “get on the bus” in the luxury residential area of ​​Xie Li, a travel influencer |[Fortune Live Channel]Xerry (Jerry), Liao Jiahui | Hong Kong 香港

📌 The theme of this episode -[There is a way to “get on the bus” in the luxury residential area of ​​​​travel KOLs in Shirley’s estate]#美连屋​​ #智福生活台​​ #luxury #上车#travel #KOL #Sherry epidemic has hit the tourism industry hard, travel Talent and show host Jerry, who has been looking for properties for many years, bought a […]

The effect of high land prices in Kwudong becomes the next “explosion zone”|【Fortune Live Channel】Huang Guangyao, Bu Shaoming, Lin Zibin | Hong Kong 香港

📌 The theme of this episode-【High land price effect Kwu Tung becomes the next “explosive area”】 #美伦Property​​ #資福生活台​​ #吴东#國動区 Wheelock won the Kwu Tung land at a high price and turned it into the North Tower of the New Territories New indicators for the market! The successive launch of official land in the region will […]

【The first in Hong Kong – “Fatherless” get on the car alliance forum】 | Hong Kong 香港

【The first in Hong Kong – “Fatherless” get on the car alliance forum🎙】Want to save the first installment💰? Want to get in the car? But “#不FATHER” 😢? #美伦集会#WeLab Bank held a #Online Forum🖥, experts and #houshengzai scare tactics, talk about #young peoplefinancial management💵, investment and #PropertyChallenge, and share the tips for getting on the LEVEL […]

Rich Second Generation Investment New Game NFT Returns Better than Bricks? |【Fortune Live Channel】Wang Rongkun (James), Fang Fuyi (John), Wang Shiting (Regen) | Hong Kong 香港

📌 The theme of this episode-【Fuerdai investment new game NFT returns better than bricks? ]#美伦Property​​ #資福生活台​​ #NFT #Investing in NFTs is sweeping the world. #Enterprise, #富二代, #performing arts are all competing to enter, from buying and selling to publishing, what new ways to play? The transaction price of “#virtual land” and “#virtual mansion” is comparable […]

Experts on dismantling the trap of closing the building teach you how to protect yourself!|[Fortune Live Channel]Liang Jiajun and Chen Guangyu | Hong Kong 香港

📌 The theme of this episode-【Experts in the dismantling of the repossession trap teach you tips for self-preservation!】 #美连业​​ #資福生活台​​ #The second-hand transaction of the repossession trap is booming, one-handed occupancy, property settlement What are the precautions for the process? What are the essential tips for repossessing with peace of mind? This episode invites surveyor […]

Is there a trick to make good use of vertical design space?|【Fortune Live Channel】Guo Zhiyao Roy, Zhang Zicun Kelvin, Cai Jianglin Candice | Hong Kong 香港

📌 The theme of this episode-【Do you have any tips for making good use of the vertical design space?】 #美聯物業 ​​ #資福生活台​​ #vertical design #loft# Tips In the case of an inch of gold and a square foot of land, the small-area apartment can help Many prospective buyers are practicing #PropertyDreams! How to increase the […]

Peripheral chaotic asset points to avoid risk?|【Fortune Live Channel】Yao Haoran(Patrick), Liang Baiji(Pak), Cai Jianglin(Candice) | Hong Kong 香港

📌 The theme of this episode-【Periphery stand up against the risk of asset points?】 #美伦Property​​ #資福報台​​ #美连工业集团#Investment The global political and economic environment is unpredictable, making #investmentenvironment volatile 📈📉📈, in the end #investors💰 can do a good job of #risk-avoiding deployments, and make a steady attack in the market? 🥊 #世福富管理MD# Yaohaoran #Patrick, #美伦 Financial […]

The next new ticket king after Boao Village?Wong Chuk Hang Station “World Market” Guide|【Fortune Live Channel】Zhen Sir, Fang Fuyi, Xiao Zhenbang | Hong Kong 香港

📌 The theme of this episode -[The next new ticket king after Bo Aozhuang? Wong Chuk Hang Station “World Market” Raiders]#美聯物業​ #國福報台​ #黄竹 Hang👉Want to know more about the new developments in Wong Chuk Hang? Contact the sales team today! Ada Yeung: 9022-2321 John Fong: 9277-3299 James Siu: 6484-8678 Samuel Lai: 9481-7661 Vincent Tse: 9230-2261 […]

The first time renting a house is a good head mark?Experts dismantle your doubts for you |[Fortune Live Channel]Cherry and Hong Jiajian of “Zhai·Traveler” | Hong Kong 香港

📌 The theme of this episode-【The first time you rent a house and have a good head mark? Experts will help you to dismantle your doubts]#美伦Property​​ #資福生活台​​ #rent house #Blogger The property market is booming, and the rental market is also making great efforts to speculate, the traditional peak season of summer vacation rental, don’t […]

Investment Tips for Building Shops in Prosperous Districts in Emerging Areas|【Fortune Live Channel】Li Genxing(Edwin), Bu Shaoming(Sammy), Lu Zhanhao(Tony), Su Shunmin(Wendy) | Hong Kong 香港

📌 The theme of this episode-【Investment Tips for Building Shops in Prosperous Districts in Emerging Areas】 #美伦Property​​ #資福生活台​​ #王区#loupu#Investment Well, few people want to get rid of the #job class💼, their own# Start a business and become a boss! But #doing a business has a lot of knowledge, what is the smartest way to deploy […]

How to enter the top international school network?Southern District School Selection Tips |[Fortune Live Channel]Liang Yongle, Bu Shaoming, Li Weiqiang | Hong Kong 香港

📌 The theme of this episode-【How to enter the top international school network? Southern District School Selection Tips for Buying and Buying Property]#美聯物業​ #國福報台#黄竹 Hang👉Want to know more about the new property in Wong Chuk Hang? Contact the sales team today! Ada Yeung: 9022-2321 John Fong: 9277-3299 James Siu: 6484-8678 Samuel Lai: 9481-7661 (guest in […]

Buying a house with zero down payment? Property doubling technique? The Secret Skills of Buying a Property at a Low Cost |[Fortune Live Channel]Lu Jiexin (Runa), Lu Yujian (Ken Sir), Zhang Zicun (Kelvin), Zhang Haoxi (Kostka) | Hong Kong 香港

📌 The theme of this episode-【Buying a house with zero down payment? Property doubling technique? Low-cost property buying secrets are openly disclosed]#美连业​​ #資富報台​​ #Low Cost# Buying #Secret skills and low interest rates in the environment of rapid asset appreciation, high-priced transactions are flooded every day, what is the low cost of wage earners car law? […]

Do you need a knife all over your body to be an agent? It’s not easy to do KOL tapes|【Fortune Live Channel】Zhang Zicun, Wilson Law, Andy Wong, Carmen Law | Hong Kong 香港

📌 The theme of this episode-【“Being an agent requires a knife all over your body? It’s not easy for a KOL to bring a disk]#美连业​​ #資福生活台​​ #agent# How does a KOL with a disk agent change the ecology of the real estate circle? What do you need to be an agent today? Breakthrough, what kind […]