【Caution! There is a “Bi” song ❤💘] | Hong Kong 香港

Summarize in english this content to 100 words 【Caution! There are “Bi” songs ❤💘]Regional golden song excellent selection round 🎼🎤 There are hundreds of possibilities in a district, falling in love with you is a kind of fate… There are 18 districts in Hong Kong, and the border district has a relationship with you? Someone […]

[Certification]Red Book | Hong Kong 香港

Real estate certificates for private buildings in mainland China are commonly referred to as “red books” because they are often presented in red envelopes. The certificates contain crucial information, including the property address, land use rights, floor plan area, property registrant, and official seal, making it a strong proof of property rights. It is important […]

【Dream Moves】Running fast is worse than running hard | Hong Kong 香港

Dick Tsang, the sales director of HongKongFloorPlans, believes that diligence is a prerequisite for success in any industry. He once woke up at four in the morning to find customers for a new property, and his persistence led to the first sale of the project. To maintain his physical fitness and continue working hard, he […]