【Teaching Mortgage Novices 👨🏻‍🏫】📈 Raising interest rates and anti-stress Dafa 🏋🏻 | Hong Kong 香港

#美聯物業#mortgage#raise interest[mortgage novice teaching 👨🏻‍🏫]📈 Raising interest rates and anti-stress Dafa 🏋🏻 📈 As soon as you hear #rising interest, wu less #預房地# Owners will be very worried 😖 , startled#contribution It will be a lot more expensive 💸 !! But in fact, there are not many #fixed-ratemortgage with burial# remortgage plan than everyone chooses […]

[Property market analysis]Hong Kong will follow the US to raise interest rates? What is the impact of interest rate hikes on the property market? | Hong Kong 香港

The pace of interest rate hikes in the United States has not stopped. How should the general public digest market information? In the near future, will Hong Kong banks raise interest rates following the US? In the face of increasing mortgage payments, which mortgage plans on the market can protect themselves to ease the pressure […]