【Buy a house to protect yourself from squatting⚠️】🚨 Interest rate hikes are like falling prices 📉? | Hong Kong 香港

🚨As soon as I hear #rising interest🏦, wushao #owners will leave their hearts🫀, I am shocked that #forest property will be expensive, and #propertyprice will #fall😱!! But in fact, the rate hike📈 is the same as the property price drop. There is a necessary relationship 📉? Dismantled by Midland Property Senior Regional Sales Director #吴劼#DixonMo […]

The release plan is released! The chemical effect of the epidemic and interest rate hike =?|【Fortune Live Channel】Bu Shaoming, Liu Jiahui, Cao Deming | Hong Kong 香港

📌 The theme of this episode-【Release Mortgage Guarantee Plan is out! The chemical effect of interest rate hikes in the face of the epidemic =?】 #美连#吉福生活台#新 Mortgage Insurance#Rise Rate 🆕2022-23year#budgetRelease #mortgage insurance🏠 coincides with the #epidemic😷 #interest rate📈 climate, what is the future of the property market? What should home buyers pay attention to? Please […]

[Property market analysis]Hong Kong will follow the US to raise interest rates? What is the impact of interest rate hikes on the property market? | Hong Kong 香港

The pace of interest rate hikes in the United States has not stopped. How should the general public digest market information? In the near future, will Hong Kong banks raise interest rates following the US? In the face of increasing mortgage payments, which mortgage plans on the market can protect themselves to ease the pressure […]