[Xingkai Embankment]Fotan’s new property embraces the Chengmen River + Jiudu Mountain scenery + railway advantages 360-degree aerial photography of the real scene | Hong Kong 香港

#火火#新盘# Xingkai Embankment is a new building located in Fotan carefully built by Zhongzhou Real Estate. Xingkai Embankment is the first large-scale green residential project in Hong Kong. The project is located in the high-end area of ​​Aobeiwan Street, Sha Tin. It consists of 4 residential buildings, providing a total of 1,335 units with salable […]

【Video of Mansions】Yulongshan 🚇The mansion above the railway is super tall and the bottom is full of style💎 | Hong Kong 香港

[Video of mansions]Yulongshan 🚇 The mansion above the railway is super tall and the bottom is full of style 💎 #美联豪家居#皇龙山#火火💬 Online customer service inquiry: Yulongshan is composed of 10 buildings 🏘️, with a height of 57 to 65 floors, providing a total of 1,375 units, mainly 2-bedroom to 4-bedroom👪, with an area ranging from […]

[New Property Pursuit]A Rare Mansion in the Urban Area, Railway Pan Yuyi | Hong Kong 香港

Real estate developer Chinachem Group and MTR are jointly developing a large-scale residential property on top of Ho Man Tin Station in the centre of Hong Kong, according to Zeng Kaiqun, the chief regional sales director of HongKongFloorPlans. The development, called “IN ONE”, will include 844 units, sold in three phases. Phase 1B features 183 units, ranging […]

[Tiansheng Court]Double Railway Advantage HOS Popular King | Hong Kong 香港

Tin Shing Court is a large-scale Housing Authority Scheme (HOS) located in the Tin Shui Wai district of Hong Kong. With good transportation links, residents in the area share tips for daily life. The estate comprises 17 property blocks and 6,580 units, with a utilization rate of around 74%-75%. Established in 1999 and managed by […]

【New Disk Pursuit】Fotan Station Xingkai·Dike seizes the railway opportunity | Hong Kong 香港

#新disk#fotan#Star Kai Embankment Tickets or enquiries can be contacted (VIP channel does not need to make an appointment): 📞 Andy Chan 👉🏻 📞 Now Wong 👉🏻 📞Joey Lim 👉🏻 📞Kelvin Kwan👉🏻 📞Marco Yung 👉🏻 📞Jacky Tang 👉🏻 📞Roy Leung 👉🏻[on.cc Eastnet News]The transportation along the railway line is easy to access, and it is convenient […]

【New Disk Pursuit】Kennedy Town Railway Disk KENNEDY 38 debuts | Hong Kong 香港

#kennedytown#新報#KENNEDY38[on.cc East Net News]West Kennedy Town on Hong Kong Island is strategically located and can be directly connected to the core business district in an instant, but it can also maintain the comfortable living environment of a quiet small community. Residential properties are attractive. KENNEDY 38, a rare new project in this area, was launched, […]