[Mortgage Q&A]Is the asking price of the silver master loan real enough? Do you have to pay Full if you want to buy it? | Hong Kong 香港

Summarize in english this content to 100 words [ #mortgageQ&A ]When the # real estate market was declining earlier, many agents would recommend # silver master offers 💥, and the bidding prices were relatively honest. Where are the main silver offers and second-hand offers? ? Recommended by the Operations Director of # Meridian Mortgage #张颢西#Kostka, […]

【Mortgage Q&A】Is it easy to be a mortgage guarantor? | Hong Kong 香港

In this episode of Mortgage Q&A, the topic of discussion is about the conditions for being a guarantor and the risks involved. If one’s repayment ability does not meet the requirements of the bank, they may seek a guarantor to increase their borrowing power. The video also promotes the upgraded version of the “#美联竹箱APP” which […]