【Recommended by agent Celia】A flat on the lower floor of proud name | Hong Kong 香港

KOL Flat View – Celia Choy (S-562254) Property Promotion: 🏠Honor Low Floor Flat A (Property ID: M200301536) Property Address: Kowloon Tong/ No. 8 La Salle Road, Beacon Hill 1 hall unit facilities/features: with terrace, pet world Property facilities: clubhouse, entertainment facilities, beauty/healthcare browsing bamboo shoots details: Advertising date: 5/5/2022 Housing estate: Ao Mingquan Block 1 […]

[Mountain top]Centennial Shengjing proud of excellence | Hong Kong 香港

The majestic and majestic scenery of Hong Kong, which is situated on the top of Victoria Mountain, is internationally renowned. It is also our civilization. Hong Kong’s famous scenery at home and abroad has a century-old history. The mountain top has always been a symbol of Hong Kong’s successful people. Surrounded by the mountains on […]