3 Ways to Draw and Create a Floorplan In EXCEL like CAD with Examples!

I will be showing you three different methods of creating a CAD style drawing inside of Excel; two free methods and one paid for method. These methods are easy to understand and very effective. One method, Excel Draw, you can even export into CAD making Excel an actual CAD drawing program. ————- Excel Draw: Excel […]

Rooftop POV Escape Hong Kong! 🇭🇰

STORROR MERCH Escaping crazy dude on the rooftops of megacity Hong Kong.———- TUNE: Rascal-‘FURY’ Watch the 2 hour documentary we shot in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Seoul-Like the Storror 10 Jersey seen in this video?? Grab one at ——— We made a Parkour shoe!-Commercial, press related enquiries and to work with Storror, please contact our […]


Find out more about WAV: Enjoy this? Please Subscribe: For more FLOORPLAN: Floorplan is well known as Robert Hood’s house outlet, but in more recent years the alias has evolved into a family affair with co-production from his daughter, Lyric. The Floorplan project first came to light in 1996 when Hood used it to announce […]

FLOORPLAN (Robert & Lyric Hood) live at CRSSD Fest Fall 2017

More Floorplan: More CRSSD fest: More Mixmag: It comes as no surprise that CRSSD, San Diego’s most beloved electronic music festival, has pulled off yet another successful airing of its idyllic oceanside operation for it’s second time this year. For the festival commute from LA to San Diego, Mixmag traveled in style on the CRSSD […]