Surviving As A Food Delivery Rider In Singapore & Hong Kong

With retrenchments rife in the region during the COVID-19 pandemic, many professionals are turning to food delivery gigs just to scrap a living. After all, barriers to entry are low. But the work under hot sun and rain ain’t easy, it can get downright dangerous, and the pay can depend on your luck. Alba Lau used to be an air stewardess with Cathay Dragon, based in Hong Kong, before she was retrenched in October 2020. Darryll Ong used to work in the events industry in Singapore Before the pandemic. These days, Darryll works 18 hours a day on weekdays, doing food delivery after his regular day job to earn extra income as a new father. On weekends, he works 12-hour shifts delivering food, averaging more than 100km a day. His palms are numb after the long hours of riding-possible nerve damage he thinks from compression against the handlebars. Alba has had to put in more hours to compensate for low-value orders. But when she gets stuck with parking tickets, the fines can wipe away a whole day’s earnings. Both their families worry about their safety-Alba’s dad about her returning home after midnight, Darryll’s father that “one of these days” his son might collapse from the long hours. Watch the 3-part series of Make It Work: ALSO WATCH: I Lost My Boutique-Now I’m Fighting To Keep It Alive Online: Retrenched Changi Airport Staff Starts Over In Healthcare At 50: How My Tour Company Survived The Pandemic: For more, SUBSCRIBE to CNA INSIDER! Follow CNA INSIDER on: Instagram: Facebook: Website:.


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