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👍Southern District Bamboo Plate Promotion: 🏠South Horizons special page: 🏠Sham Wan No.9 special page: 🏠Yuehai Hua Ting special page: 💬Online customer service query: Southern District of Hong Kong Island has always been a beautiful place, mostly private Housing estates are full of leisure and lifestyle. Today, we will take you to visit the housing estates in this area together. Seeing that the living style of the frightened side will most impress you, “Southern District. Life Tour of Beautiful Seaside Housing Estates” If you are particularly interested in large-scale housing estates, the most famous in the South District must be the South Horizons, South Horizons, developed by Hutchison. There are 34 residential buildings in four phases, close to one. Ten thousand units. The biggest feature of the housing estate is that it is surrounded by the sea on three sides. Most of the buildings are built along the coast. Many units can be overlooked by the sea! Among the three housing estates introduced in this episode, the sea view is the most open and prominent! Moreover, the housing estate has a garden of more than 80,000 feet. There are no beautifully designed green spaces. It is a garden city and a small world of independent living. In terms of living, South Horizons Plaza offers a wide range of shopping options, and There is a recreational and sports building in Zhongyou, which has more choices than residents who like to exercise. With the completion of South Horizons Station in recent years, this housing estate has never been “hanging foot” since then, and it is more convenient to enter and exit in recent years. If there is a style of life, it is Wong Chuk Hang! The No. 9 Sham Wan in this area is also worthy of recommendation! Sham Wan No. 9 consists of six stratified buildings and 11 detached houses, with a total of 411 units. It was completed in 2012. The very young housing estates are mainly for large units. More than 80% of them are three- or four-bedroom large spaces! Moreover, the unit faces the Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter, and the landscape is very distinctive, attracting people with high quality and taste to live. If you are an environmentally conscious person, this housing estate has won the environmental protection award, reducing nearly 400 tons of carbon emissions every year, allowing you to live Have to be more at ease! In terms of transportation, it only takes about 10 minutes to walk from the estate to Wong Chuk Hang Station, and there is a bus terminal nearby that runs through Hong Kong and Kowloon. This is very convenient for the Wong Chuk Hang Industrial Zone to vigorously develop specialty shops this year, whether restaurants, restaurants or small shops. The stores are full of unique flavors, and will surely become the second lifestyle hub in the future. However, private buildings are not easy to get on the bus. If you want to choose a tasteful housing estate in the middle of the road, it is better to observe the development pattern of the housing association. It consists of three buildings and provides nearly 1,000. unit! The appearance of the housing estate is bright and unique, and more than half of the units can overlook the sea. It is definitely the biggest attraction of the real estate! For the rest of the scenery, there are mountain views and park views, which are high-quality views and the housing estate is mainly two-bedroom and three-bedroom to ensure that residents have enough private living space. The estate is only about three to five minutes away from Lei Tung Station. Moreover, there are many specialty food shops near Ap Lei Chau. The alternative fishing port life style is definitely a rare feature in Hong Kong! There are so many introductions to this episode. Want to know more about it? Just remember to contact HongKongFloorPlans! ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄⭐️ Featured videos⭐️ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ 📺[Kowloon Bay Building]Depot Gardens, Le Nga Court, Telford Gardens, experience quality living estates 📺[NewPoKongGardens】StarRiverMingju·Jianxian·Fu·Harbor·NewBuildingsforHouseExchanges📺【TseungKwanOHouse】OceanBay·CityStation·ChoiMingCourt·Visitthebodyandmindinthemiddleofthecity📺【TseungKwanOHouse】tothebluesky・TheMajesticTheGrandioseandtheMTRhousingestatescanbeviewedinmanyways▼▼Seemore▼▼🔸Thenewpageof”MidlandRealty”isnowavailable:🔸Subscribetothe”MidlandRealty”YouTubechannel:🔸Like”MidlandRealty”》Facebookpage:🔸Follow”MidlandRealty”Instagram:🔸Followpublicaccount:HongKongFloorPlans(MidlandRealty)


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