[Sir Zhan’s actual test]Check the 500 sq. ft. 1-bedroom household and pay attention | Hong Kong 香港

If you don’t know Zhan Jinan in your life, it’s useless to look at the property. Hong Kong people who know how to inspect properties, I believe they all know the star of the property inspection industry “Sir Zhan” Zhan Jinan. Fat Sam started to know him from the cable “Real Estate Fax”. Check the whole world. This time it is very rare to get “a mere hundreds of thousands” in Vancouver. Of course, I have to ask Sir James to test it out. This 500-square-foot one-bedroom unit, Mr. Zhan’s words are very friendly, it’s true, it’s enough to show Hong Kong… “But it’s still better than Hong Kong, there are three rooms in Hong Kong at 500 square feet.” Don’t talk too much nonsense, Sir Zhan started the inspection at the gate and found the problem immediately? To the open kitchen, what discovery? Sir Zhan said that the handwork of the terrace is a bit rough, so it is just paved with concrete surface, what is the calculation in this case? What should I pay attention to? He is also dissatisfied with the design of the laundry room, thinking that it is too high off the ground and inconvenient for users. What’s your explanation? Follow the check toilet, Zhan sir comes out with a magic stick! Knock scare knock scare, is there a hollow brick first? Got a problem with your shower curtain? In the bedroom, the most important thing is to check the ceiling, is it hollow? After the building inspection, overall, what is Sir Zhan’s evaluation of this second-hand building in Vancouver, and how much is it? He Zhong will talk about the differences between Canada and Hong Kong buildings, and the materials used are beautiful? Is the handwork good? It is said that “a mere hundreds of thousands”, how much does a one-bedroom unit sell for? #midland #midlandrealty #hongkong #hongkonghomes #hongkongapartments #firsthandproperty #homestarter #美联物业#美联竹盘APP #搵楼卖别健快搜搵#搵竹盘#搵楼APP #左定#健贴#买屋# Sunpan#一手#上车—————— 📱Download the upgraded version of “Midland Sunpan APP” immediately: With innovative functions and upgraded user experience, win App Store users The highest score, simultaneously launched the first “Regional Encyclopedia” in the whole bank, find property‧sale property‧Midland quickly “search”⚡ ——————- ►Like and Follow the ” HongKongFloorPlans” page Press the “Following” button and select “See First” to receive the latest property search information in real time! Remember to follow ►Web: ►FB: ►IG: ►Youtube: ► public account: meilian_hk (Midland Property Hong Kong)