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Homeblogger popular blogger Xu Guanhong (谂Sir) attended the[Presented by the American Federation]”Boarding in the Car” Real Estate Strategy Lecture Highlights: What is the difference between HOS and private housing? The special feature of HOS is the purchase of HOS by the green form to borrow 9 It is one of the characteristics that the mortgage must be converted to public housing. In fact, the mortgage term of the HOS does not need to consider the age of the building. Because the HOS is guaranteed by the government, it can be granted for 25 years. Ask everyone if all Hong Kong properties can be borrowed for 30 years. For example, if a Hong Kong property is based on the current age of the Tsuen Wan Center as mentioned by Busen, I believe that everyone is younger than the Tsuen Wan Center. The Tsuen Wan Center is about 40 years old. If the Tsuen Wan Center property applies for a mortgage, it is assumed that the building age is about 42. Property Bank Can a 30-year mortgage be approved? If only a 28-year mortgage is approved in accordance with the banking rules and guidelines, the age will be reduced by 70 years. However, the Tsuen Wan Centre is indeed a well-known housing estate. Many people in the outer district know it, so there are Tsuen Wan Centre, Taikoo Shing, and Mei Foo New Village. At that time, you can get an extra 5 years of mortgage period to apply to Tsuen Wan foreign buildings, single buildings, if they are 43 years old, theoretically they will not be approved for 30 years mortgage, or Tsuen Wan Furong Building 48 years old may not be approved for 30 years mortgage. I guess The Tsuen Wan Center was barely approved. This is the first topic I want to discuss why I should mention this because the HOS almost ignores the building age factor. For example, the building age of Siu Hong Court at Siu Hong Station is similar to the Tsuen Wan Center but applies for a mortgage from the bank. It does not involve the problem of building age. This is the advantage of HOS flats. Of course, the advantage of HOS flats is that it is easy to enter. This is the original intention of the government to launch HOS flats. It also has disadvantages. Today I will share the advantages and disadvantages of HOS flats. There is a case where I have purchased HOS flats for a long time and saw the price increase. Many real cases that I want to cash out but the HOS cannot be added. There is only one true case that claims that the application for HOS flats without land premium can be added to this Why can the homeowners increase the mortgage? Unfortunately, the landlord suffers from cancer and needs a medical fee. It also complies with the provisions of the Housing Authority. The HOS can increase the mortgage, but it needs to be approved by the Housing Authority beforehand. Only special circumstances may increase the mortgage. What impact will this have on everyone? When the home ownership flat owners will wait for the property price to rise in the future to make more profits, there is a risk involved. The process of cashing out the HOS flats is more difficult. I personally think that the current living standards of Hong Kong people are higher than before. This is an indisputable fact. Caring about the availability of clubhouse facilities or paying attention to whether the clubhouse activities are attractive are all factors that affect the choice of guests. Many clubhouse activities are well-known and popular. Some parents will consider the above factors. In this regard, HOS does not need to consider the above shortcomings. I agree with one point. The average income level of the residents of this housing estate is closely related to the rise and fall of the price per square foot. In this respect, I will not go into this. Frankly speaking, one of the marginal cases. A couple’s income is about 20,000 30,000. If you choose between HOS and private housing, my initial suggestion is to choose private housing. Every time a property owner hopes to appreciate and change the financial situation, buying a property can really do it, but the stock can’t do it, or offend the stock commentator’s personal opinion. I myself rarely buy stocks. The number of times I buy stocks in a year is very sporadic. I think the property’s resilience High I want to ask how much stock mortgage banks can borrow. I prefer to ask which bank 80% of the stock can be borrowed. It depends on how much profit is available. Rate I estimate that blue-chip stocks can be mortgaged at 50%. The interest rate is about P+1%. And if the stock falls below the mortgage price, the bank will immediately recover the loan or even sell the goods on the same day. In fact, Hong Kong properties, especially the 80% to 90% mortgage, in addition to borrowing 80% to 90%. It can also be repaid in 30 years and the interest rate is only more than 2%. There should be no one to find other investment projects and properties. The interest rate is more than 2%. The 30-year repayment period and the 90% mortgage are 70%. The parking space will not work unless the parking space is connected. When a unit acquires a parking space, it is generally not possible for a mortgage stock to be a property for 15 years. There are these unique characteristics. The price of the property is so high. I believe that some people predict that we can’t see the advantage. I guess these characteristics are high in the number of mortgages and mortgages. Mortgage is discounted because you need to get the approval of the Housing Authority beforehand. I personally think that if you are a marginal case, you still choose a private property, but the HOS also plays an important role in Hong Kong’s housing policy ▼▼ read more ▼▼ now on ” HongKongFloorPlans” : Subscribe to ” HongKongFloorPlans” YouTube channel: Like ” HongKongFloorPlans” Facebook page: Follow ” HongKongFloorPlans” Instagram:.


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