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👍Sheung Shui Bamboo Plate Promotion: 🏠Cai Pu Yuan special page: 🏠Imperial Court special page: 🏠Sheung Shui Center special page: 💬Online customer service query: Sheung Shui has beautiful scenery, low density, abundant green belts, and relatively reasonable property prices. It is an ideal place to settle for people with healthy living! Want to find a good market for a healthy life? This episode will send you “Sheung Shui. Low-density healthy living” Starting from Sheung Shui Station, the nearest station is Choi Po Court for HOS housing. There are a total of four housing estates, providing about 2,100 units. The usable area ranges from 330 feet to 430 feet! The building is designed as a rare “wind model”, providing one-bedroom or two-bedroom units, and the workshop can be converted into a kitchen, so it is very popular. Units in the housing estate facing Baoshi Lake Road can look down on the grass of the Hong Kong golf course and the landscape is open, so it is particularly popular. The rest of the units are mainly internally landscaped. Because they are adjacent to Choi Yuen Village, they can share abundant community facilities with the canal. And the bus terminal, etc., daily consumption, traffic access is not a problem at all! For those who have requirements for a healthy life, the housing estate is equipped with recreational facilities such as basketball courts, football courts, and gardens. The neighborhood is a hot spot for cycling, which can meet your daily exercise needs. . If you have requirements for clubhouse equipment, you also want to find a young housing estate. The Royal Court will definitely show you! The Royal Court located on Ching Xiao Road, Sheung Shui, led by Henderson Development, has 3 properties, providing 922 units! The layout of the units is also diversified, the main 2-3 rooms, about 500 to 900 feet, as for the connected and buried duplexes, all of them are over a thousand feet! Regardless of whether the individual is a family changer, he can take care of the house in two phases of clubhouses, providing more than 50 clubhouse facilities for men and women, outdoor swimming pools, jacuzzis, fitness rooms, golf practice rooms, and aromatherapy spas, saunas, and the same Beauty Ms. Bi sigh! Healthy life starts with the mind and body! In terms of transportation, the housing estate is about 10 minutes away from Sheung Shui Station. Want to be healthy? The cycling track runs through all districts, stepping on the bike to be healthy and environmentally friendly! In addition, there are buses and minibuses outside the housing estate between Fanling and Tai Po, and the transportation is very convenient. I want to introduce the famous Sheung Shui Center to the residence. The Sheung Shui Center has a total of 6 towers, providing 1,128 units, with an area ranging from 330 to 623 feet, with two bedrooms and one living room to three bedrooms and two living rooms. The housing estate has a clubhouse for residents, providing facilities including outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, children’s playgrounds, and garden squares. You can enjoy the recreational facilities without leaving home. The pedestal is one of the major shopping malls in the North District of Hong Kong: “Sheung Shui Center Shopping Mall”, with a wide range of shops. The nearby communities have more cultural and recreational facilities, such as North District Park, North District City Hall and Tianping Stadium, and so on. Moreover, the Sheung Shui Centre has a footbridge directly to the MTR station, bus, minibus terminus, and shopping mall. It can be said that it is a perfect life network. There are so many introductions in this episode. Do you want to know more? Remember to contact HongKongFloorPlans! ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄⭐️ Featured videos⭐️ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ 📺[Kowloon Bay Building]Depot Gardens, Le Nga Court, Telford Gardens, experience quality living estates 📺[NewPoKongGardens】StarRiverMingju·Jianxian·Fu·Harbor·NewBuildingsforHouseExchanges📺【TseungKwanOHouse】OceanBay·CityStation·ChoiMingCourt·Visitthebodyandmindinthemiddleofthecity📺【TseungKwanOHouse】tothebluesky・TheMajesticTheGrandioseandtheMTRhousingestatescanbeviewedinmanyways▼▼Seemore▼▼》Facebookpage:🔸Follow”MidlandRealty”Instagram:🔸Followpublicaccount:HongKongFloorPlans(MidlandRealty)


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