Shatin New Town Plaza, Weijing Garden|The first phase of 650,000 yuan will be stationed in the city center|380 sq.

Shatin New Town Plaza, Weijing Garden|The first phase of 650,000 yuan will be stationed in the city center|380 sq.

[Yifa Property Inspection Group 🏠 real estate for you to look at]Shatin New Town Plaza, Weijing Garden|650,000 yuan for the first phase to enter the city center|380 sq. Internet is available not only on Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, but also in the New Territories. In the Sha Tin district we are talking about in this episode, among the 38 Kwun Tsun secondary schools, 14 are English-language secondary schools, and quite a few are ranked within the top 100 in Hong Kong, including Baptist Lui Ming Choi Secondary School and Sheng Kung Hui Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School. Because the scope is not small, there are 3 primary school nets involved, including 88, 89 and 91 introduced in this episode. The first listing to visit is located in New City Plaza, with 3 bedrooms and 1 set. It is the main unit type of the estate, with a salable area of ​​652 square feet. The asking price is 12 million yuan, and the price per square foot is 18,405 yuan. The living and dining room has a few diamond-shaped openings, but it’s spacious at just over 160 square feet. At the end of the corridor is the master room, which is more than 130 square feet, and the layout is square, so it is not difficult to arrange furniture. The asking price of the listing is 12 million yuan, which is just enough to undertake 80% of the mortgage, pay 20% of the down payment, monthly payment of 43,639 yuan, and a monthly income of 92,122 yuan to pass the stress test. The second viewing listing is located in Weijing Garden, with a usable area of ​​397 square feet and two rooms. The asking price is 6.5 million yuan, and the price per square foot is 16,373 yuan. There is no corridor in the whole house. The advantage is to make the most of every inch of space, but it forms a pattern of five doors. When placing furniture, it is necessary to concentrate on one of the walls. Since the master room was originally opened, there is already a concave place to place the wardrobe. After the wardrobe is inserted, the cabinet door and the door form a horizontal line, and the remaining space is more practical. If you buy it for self-occupation, you will have to pay 90% of the mortgage, the monthly payment is 27,156 yuan, and you need to have a monthly income of 57,328 yuan to pass the stress test. New City Plaza Weijingyuan wants to see more videos: If you have any real estate and want to know more, remember to leave a message to let us know📢! ! [Remember to help like👍our Facebook and subscribe to 🛎YouTube channel, and set the 28Hse page as “First Look/See First🧐”] 📍Facebook: 📸Instagram: 📱Twitter: 🎞YouTube: #新城市园#韦景园#沙田中心#好运中心#Shatian Center#伟华中心#Hilton Center#沙田广场#新地#91校网#Shatian英语中学#英中#名校#小一派位#自荐度#unified school Bit#hereditary system#一龙升中#Shatian Government Middle School#Shenggonghui Zeng Zhaotian Middle School#Baptist Church Lu Mingcai Middle School#Shatian苏浙公学#Shatian Chongzhen Middle School#universityhill #Secondhand#一手#易发谷屋团#Real estate Let you watch#搵楼#rent house#rent building#28hse #新盘#购房#家具#design 00:00 opening 00:52 Shatian District School Network 02:03 New Town Plaza Basic Information 02:28 New Town Plaza Listing 07:07 New City Plaza listing asking price analysis 08:20 New City Plaza supporting facilities 09:40 Weijing Garden basic information 10:03 Weijing Garden listing 13:33 Weijing Garden listing asking price analysis 14:11 Weijing Garden supporting facilities 15: 12 Recent market conditions in Sha Tin city center


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