School Bus Conversion Floor Plan: Simple Tutorial to Design Your Own Skoolie!

We always get a lot of questions about how we designed our school bus layout- so we thought we would do a quick, super basic Google Sketchup tutorial for those of you looking to design your own tiny space! Google Sketchup is a FREE program. There is a paid version with expanded features, but even just the free program is incredibly powerful. Want to download Sketchup to design your own skoolie? Download it here! This is in Version 17.1.173 I’m no expert in Google Sketchup, but wanted to share what I’ve learned while using Sketchup and describe how easy it really is. The uses for sketchup are nearly unlimited. Its a great piece of software that allows you to design almost anything! From Airstream renovations, tiny homes, RV remodels, cabins, vans, yurts, etc! This is our 3rd Sketchup iteration of our Skoolie. If you want to see the first two, check them out below. Bus Specs/ FAQs: The bus exterior is 31 feet long The living space is 24 ft 10 in (up to engine cover) The interior width is 7 ft 7in Less than 200 square feet of living space The tallest height inside is 6ft 6in I hope this helps you if you’re intimidated by the program! If you make a design in Sketchup, we’d love to see it! Tag us on instagram or send us a link! Please let me know if you have questions, I would be happy to make a more detailed tutorial if you guys are interested. _______________________ #skoolie #tinyhouse #schoolbusconversion