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👍Eastern District Bamboo Plate Promotion: 🏠Grand Promenade Special Page: 🏠Lei King Bay Special Page: 🏠Yitowan Special Page: 💬Online Customer Service Inquiry: In the traditional middle-class community in the Eastern District of Hong Kong Island, residents in addition to requirements for transportation and community facilities, He is also very particular about the living environment and landscape, but there are beautiful scenery in the East District? Don’t talk about the Victoria Harbour view and Lei Yue Mun’s beautiful sea views, and the price of units with these beautiful views will increase tenfold at any time. This time I introduce the three seaside housing estates in Shau Kei Wan, all of which are known for their invincible sea views. First introduce Grand Promenade, which is built by the sea, and the unobstructed landscape is the most attractive. Grand Promenade was acquired in 2005 and was developed by Henderson Land. There are five residential buildings, providing nearly 2,000 units. The housing estates are arranged in an L-shape. Each building is 70 storeys high and condescending. Seventy percent of the units have sea views from different angles, including With the fireworks sea view of Victoria Harbour or the beautiful sea view of Lei Yue Mun, the open view will undoubtedly add fun to home life. Grand Promenade is dominated by two-bedroom and three-bedroom units. The supply of the two rooms is similar. As one of the landmarks of the Eastern District, Grand Promenade has a luxurious clubhouse for residents. Facilities include outdoor swimming pools, fitness rooms, and children. Playground and sky garden, etc. It is worth mentioning that the housing estate allows dogs and also has outdoor pet facilities. There is also a public pet park near the housing estate. Another housing estate with invincible sea view is Lei King Bay on Tai Hong Street. Basically, the units facing the northeast have the invincible sea view of Lei Yue Mun or the cruise terminal. The semi-circular sea view can also be found here. The developer of Lei King Wan is Swire Properties. It was occupied in 1998. The housing estates are of a relatively large scale. There are 17 housing estates, each with 17 to 19 stories high and 2 to 8 units on each floor, totaling about 2,300 units. Lei King Wan focuses on two-bedroom and three-bedroom large units. The usable area starts from a few hundred feet. Another selling point is that there is no large window sill, and the utility rate is as high as 90%, which is very popular among users. The housing estate in the same district with sea views, as well as Yat To Bay, is located at 28 Tai On Street. It was occupied in 2001. The developers are SHKP and Tai Koo. Are you a guarantee of confidence? There are four towers in Yitao Bay with a total of 846 units. It is known for its high ceilings and high utility rate. Two-bedroom units account for 40% of the supply, and the remaining 60% are large units with three bedrooms or more. Yat Tao Bay faces the Lei Yue Mun Sea and enjoys unobstructed views. The open view increases the sense of interior space, which is a dream for urbanites. In addition to the beautiful scenery of the three housing estates, the surrounding living facilities are also quite mature. Another selling point is that they are close to MTR Sai Wan Ho Station. Three blocks walk past the MTR, and they all don’t take ten minutes. They can be directly connected to various districts by rail. , It doesn’t bother to go back to work and school. In addition, there are many bus lines and tram stops on Shau Kei Wan Road outside Tai On House nearby, going to Central and Sheung Wan, Chai Wan or to Kowloon via the Eastern Tunnel, where the dead bodies are in place. If you don’t know, Sai Wan Ho Pier has a route to and from Kwun Tong Pier Waterfront Park, it only takes about ten minutes. If you rework in Kowloon East, you can really save time. There is also a boat from Sai Wanhe Pier to Sanjia Village in Lei Yue Mun. If you want to enjoy seafood delicacies, it is convenient. When talking about food and drink, I have to mention the Soho East Soho East on the waterfront of Shau Kei Wan. There are various specialty restaurants, cafés, bars, Japanese cuisine, etc., facing the promenade, where you can have free drinks with your friends. , Enjoy SOHO’s long life, feel free and easy. In addition to the SOHO taste of life, Shau Kei Wan also has popular cafeterias for the common people, and the street snacks at Tai On Building. I believe Hong Kong people don’t know it. The variety of foods available here are all-inclusive, and it is a holy place for “sweeping the streets”. In addition, above the Sai Wan Ho MTR Station, there is a market and a cooked food center, and the residents’ livelihood needs are all met. In terms of cultural and recreational facilities, there are Sai Wan Ho Civic Center, Indoor Stadium, and Hong Kong Film Archive nearby. For more details about the housing estate, please contact the following branches immediately. 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