[Recommended by agent Shiga]Room D, High Floor, Block 07, Phase 12, Whampoa Garden | Hong Kong 香港

KOL Apartment – Shiga Ng (S-645208) Property Promotion: 🏠Room D, High Floor, Block 07, Phase 12, Huangpu Garden (Property No.: M200035687) Property Address: No. 3 Dekang Street, Huangpu Usable Area: 797 feet Interval: 3 bedrooms Unit facilities/features: Adjacent characteristic households, garden view Property facilities: swimming pools, children’s facilities, sports facilities, entertainment facilities, catering facilities Browse bamboo shoots details: Advertising date: 15/7/2022 Estate: Huangpu Garden Phase 12 1,078 units in Block 9 Occupancy Date: 09/01/1991 School Net/Campus: Primary School: 35; Secondary School: Kowloon City Developer: Hutchison Whampoa Property #Sunpan# Huangpu Garden download the new and upgraded version #Meilian Sunpan APP 👉 The whole bank has the most complete 17 search criteria 🔍Newly added #MAP搵lou#MTR step distance search 🚇搵lou one step! #real estate competition⚖️ To help you choose the Fit bamboo shoots! #First agent to take a look at the property, and the Internet celebrity agent takes a selfie shoot 📹 enjoy #personalized property information and seamless cross-platform experience! #美聯物業#橵寵地美聲國有QuickSearch#Meilian Bamboo Pan APP #國務#呇方#國QuickSearch#Propertyagent#agent #Your own bamboo shoot #self-shooting#Secondhand#Developer#KOL takes a look at the property# Bamboo Pan#搵楼#上车#renting house#buying flat#putting property#mortgage#MeilianGroup#fortunelife#ShigaNg #S645208 #九龙#honghom#huangpu The remarks in this video are purely personal opinions and do not represent this The views and positions of the company and the platform. (Second-hand real estate market transactions are continuously updated, and the sales status is subject to the official website information.) ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄⭐ Featured Videos ⭐ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ 📺[Recommended by Candy]The Babington High-rise Room B📺[Recommended by Rayman]High Floor G, Block M1, Yoho Midtown, New Times Square 📺[Recommended by Suki]Low Floor A, Block 25, Yinghai Phase III (Yinghai·Xingwanyu) 📺[Recommended by Cat]Butterfly Cuifeng Phase Five (Shanghai) Yue.Ling) Block 1 Low Floor Room C 📺[Recommended by Agent Don]Youyuan Middle Floor Room A▼▼View more▼▼ Go to “Midland Property” official website: Subscribe to “Midland Property” YouTube channel: Like “Midland Property” United Property Facebook Page: Follow Midland Property Instagram Account: Follow Official Account: meilian_hk (Midland Property Hong Kong)


[Recommended by Agent Kitty]Room D, High Floor, Block 5, Boao Mountain | Hong Kong 香港

KOL Apartment – Kitty Lui (E-265162) Property Promotion: 🏠Unit D, High Floor, Block 5, Boao Hill (Property No.: M100095497) Property Address: No. 18A, Tin Hau Temple Road, Mid-Levels, North Point Usable Area: 597 feet Interval: 2-bedroom unit Facilities/Features: Even Terrace, Pet World Property Facilities: Clubhouse, Swimming Pool, Children’s Facilities, Entertainment Facilities, Dining Facilities, Beauty/Health Care, […]

[Recommended by agent Jessie]Room D on the middle floor of Weiyun Pavilion | Hong Kong 香港

KOL Apartment – Jessie Mau (E-399915) Property Promotion: 🏠Weiyun Court Middle Floor Room D (Property No.: M150085814) Property Address: No. 12, Fung Fai Terrace, Happy Valley Features: Even with balcony, mountain view Property facilities: Swimming pool, sports facilities Browse bamboo shoots details: Advertising date: 11/8/2022 Housing estate: 204 units in Block 1 of Wei Yun […]