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Prince Edward of Kowloon, located to the north of Mong Kok, can be classified as the core area of ​​Kowloon together with Mong Kok. Historically, it has been a community where residential and commercial activities intersect. Looking around at Prince Edward, old and new buildings are lined up alternately. Old-style tenement buildings, as well as new-style buildings rebuilt in old areas, are of course the invincible transportation network and the famous school network. Sub-topic: The railway interchange station Prince Edward is one of the transportation hubs of Kowloon. Prince Edward MTR station is the main interchange station of Tsuen Wan Line and Kwun Tong Line. It connects to various districts without difficulty, so the daily flow of people is tens of thousands. Planning, both prosperous and prosperous. In addition, Nathan Road, which runs from Tsim Sha Tsui to Prince Edward, is one of the busiest streets in Hong Kong. There are more than one hundred bus lines passing by. Residents walk in and out. With a wave of their hands, public vehicles can easily go to their destinations. Prince, there is indeed no need to worry about traffic problems. No wonder property prices in this area have been strong. Sub-topic: The most attractive and outstanding school network of the famous brand school network is also the selling point of this district. Prince Edward belongs to the 32 elementary school network and is popular with parents, including Tai Kok Tsui Catholic Primary School (Haifan Road), Tai Kok Tsui Catholic Primary School, and Chung Hwa Christian Church Union Primary School, etc. The middle school belongs to the Yau Tsim Mong District. Famous schools include Diocesan Girls’ College, Kowloon Wah Yan College, True Light Girls’ College and St Francis’s College. Because Prince Edward is close to many famous schools, residential units in the district have always been popular, whether it is investment or self-occupation, there are prices and markets. Sub-topic: Pre-war architectural conservation and revitalization The Prince was in the Kowloon area, which is considered to be quite local, and it retains many of the old style and folk customs. For example, a row of four-storey pre-war tenement buildings located between Prince Edward Road and Huaxu fully demonstrated the middle-class vibe of the Prince Edward Road area at that time. After conservation and activation, this historical building has become the Prince’s District. , A good place for residents to wander around during their leisure time. Many specialty shops are introduced, including tea houses, social enterprises, organic shops, textile shops, etc., so that the old architectural colors continue to show up. Sub-topic: Preserving historical marks. In addition, Prince Edward also retains many historical footprints of Hong Kong, including the Mong Kok Stadium, which was officially named in 1973. Many local leagues and international tournaments were staged at the end of the year. It has always been a good place for fans to cheer. There is also Boundary Street Playground nearby, which is a place for residents to exercise or relax. And the Bird Garden on Yuanpu Street, which is isolated from the stadium and located on Boundary Street, is a famous bird street with garden facilities and bird stalls for visitors to buy. The park attracts a lot of morning transport every day. Visitors come, meet friends with “birds”. Prince Edward is not inferior to the characteristic streets. The most famous one is of course the Flower Market. The whole street is filled with fragrances. Basically, most of the flower shops in Hong Kong are purchased from wholesale here, and every Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day During the period, the flower market was even more impenetrable. With finches and flowers, how can there be less fish? Prince Edward’s Goldfish Street, which is the Tung Choi Street area, gathers many shops selling goldfish and tropical fish. Even if you don’t take advantage of it, it’s a pleasure to admire the fishes during holidays. In addition to fish, there are also pets and fish. Insect shops, etc. Sub-topic: Shopping diversified Prince Edward’s living facilities are even full marks. Large-scale commercial companies include the MOKO mall above the East Railway Mong Kok East Station, cinemas, Japanese supermarkets, trendy brands, and all kinds of food and beverages. In addition, the Pioneer Center on Nathan Road is also a must-go for residents. There are various stalls on Fa Yuen Street in Prince Edward, including fruit shops, clothing stores, cold night shops or restaurants, etc., which are both close to the ground and popular in price, which attracts many neighbourhoods to shop. 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