Physical Design-1e-ICC2-Floorplan 1-Different Stages

This is fifth part of the recorded session of Physical Design Class. In this session, we have discussed about the #Floorplanning. This is the first step of the Physical Design. After Design Setup-Following are different steps of Floorplanning. 1) Define Block Size / Shapes 2) Place VIAs & Hard macros 3) Place IO Pins 4) Apply Placement blockages 5) Build Power Network Here we have discussed few #ICC2 commands also. This course has been done in collaboration with “TechnoReady”. #pd # physicaldesign #floorplanning Company Website: Blogger Website ( YouTube Channel ( LinkedIn Profile (Twitter (Facebook page (.


【Tuen Mun House Search】Siu Hong Court. Overlapping Yinting. Green and pleasant residence.MTR Housing Estate Convenience Plan | Hong Kong 香港

Summarize in english this content to 100 words 👍Tuen Mun Bamboo Tray Recommendation: 🏠Siu Hong Court page: 🏠Die Yin Ting page: 🏠Green Garden page: 💬Online customer service inquiry: Many friends who are looking for apartments in Tuen Mun also want to look for MTR stations Neighboring Housing Estates In this episode, we will talk about […]

[Recommended by Agent Jack]Flat E, Lower Floor, Jiayue Tower 1 | Hong Kong 香港

Summarize in english this content to 100 words KOL with property viewing – Jack Tang (S-535334) Property promotion: 🏠Kay Yue Tower 1 low-floor Room E (property number: M201222822) Property address: No. 9 Chi Shin Street, Tseung Kwan O city center Practical area: 529 feet Spacing: 2-bedroom unit facilities / Features: With terrace, pet paradise Property […]