Flying CATHAY PACIFIC to Hong Kong Under the 0+3 Scheme

G’day OWFsquad, welcome to my 64th flight in 2022! On 3 October 2022, I flew Cathay Pacific from Perth to Hong Kong. Enjoy the video and please let me know in the comment if you have any questions or feedback. [Sponsor] Get your Manta Sleep mask via this link ( and enter discount code OWF10 […]

How to Make Floor Plans with SmartDraw’s Floor Plan Designer

See how easy it is to make floor plans with SmartDraw. Start with a template, draw walls and drag-and-drop floor plan symbols from included libraries. SmartDraw has many smart floor plan drawing features including built-in scales you can switch on the fly, ability to change the size of walls and shapes just by typing in […]

How many epileptics are there in Hong Kong under the epidemic? Go to even ten pharmacies and can’t buy Bili Pain? Pei Yi will visit various districts to test for you!

#港实试#香港病毒# Under the fifth wave of the epidemic, @猴仪PuiYee will test how many epilepsy you can have in Hong Kong today! Immediately go to the film to see the real situation in Hong Kong today! Everyone stay healthy during the epidemic! Hong Kong people come on💛 👇Follow our members! Learn more behind the scenes fun! […]

[온스테이지] 314. 잔나비- HONG KONG

[아티스트 정보] ARTIST: 잔나비TITLE: HONG KONG [ONSTAGE] 우릴위해남겨둔노래, 잔나비 [제작] NAVER 문화재단온스테이지페이스북 (ONSTAGE FACEBOOK)

SPLIT BEDROOM floorplan in this MOST AMAZING Multi-Section Farmhouse

Recreational Resort Cottages and Cabins presents the Platinum Acadia. This 3/2 split bedroom floorplan is packed with amazing options that are sure to impress anyone who walks into your home. Check out the gorgeous living room entertainment center, the massive bar with lots of great functionality, the tower dormer in the kitchen, and the colored […]

Entering NEW SECRET ELEVATOR In FLOOR PLAN 2 (Funny Floor Plan 2 VR Gameplay)

Entering new secret elevator in Floor Plan 2 VR! ▶JOIN AS A MEMBER! TAP 👉 ▶MY SECOND CHANNEL 👉 The video game shown in this video may feature (modified) content not typically available. Follow me on Twitter! Join my Discord server! Follow my Instagram! Follow my Live Stream! Intro music provided by NCS Track title: […]


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