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The Hong Kong government has a “hot trick”, and the mainland has a “purchase restriction order”! To embrace the Greater Bay Area, you must first learn the 5 “restricted” characters! The first limit: Purchase restriction is to restrict the purchase quantity. The purchase restriction and the attached conditions are different in different cities and even different types of properties. At present, Hong Kong residents who buy a property in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area can be exempted from local residence, study or working years certification, as well as payment of personal income tax and social security conditions, so that Hong Kong residents can enjoy the same treatment as local residents. Second limit: Restriction on sale means the restriction on the resale of the property. Under normal circumstances, the property certificate can be sold after the purchase of the house. Under the sales restriction order, businesses can only be resold after a certain number of years, or they have to pay the “personal housing transfer value-added tax.” The restrictions vary from city to city. The third limit: Loan limit. Loan limit refers to the loan application that restricts the purchase of residential houses. Under normal circumstances, if a buyer purchases a first-hand property in the Mainland for the first time, the developer may provide a bank that undertakes the mortgage, and the first home can be borrowed up to 70% . Of course, the mechanism is different in each place, and the time for bank approval is also different. I suggest that you still find a professional mortgage consultant for assistance. Fourth limit: Price limit, as the name implies, means to limit property prices. The government will list all properties sold by developers, and the price cannot be higher than the level set by the government. The “price limit orders” in the past two or three years did not allow the government to determine housing prices across the board. The housing prices in each price-fixed area are determined with reference to the property prices in the same district. The government only accepts fine adjustments of up to 10%. For example, the price of several housing estates of the same type near a new property is around $6,000 per square meter. If the new property aggressively bids for $10,000 per square meter, the government may not necessarily sell it. Fifth limit: Restriction. Some developers use every possible means to avoid the “price limit order.” For example, when a new building is turned into a second-hand building, the property price will be charged with decoration fees and furniture fees. As a result, although the sale and purchase agreement has been signed, the government has temporarily postponed the approval of the online real estate certificate and online signature, resulting in the delay of the owner’s identity being confirmed, which is the so-called “signature restriction.” The mainland will adjust the property market measures from time to time. Remember to do your homework before entering the market. It is best to find a reputable property agent for help. *The above information is for reference only and should be published by the local government. If you have any questions about the property market or mortgage, please leave a message below or inquire with our online customer service: ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄⭐️ Featured videos⭐️ ▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄ 📺【Novice Teaching】90% Guaranteed Boarding FAQ 📺【Novice Teaching】Practical Guide to Renting a Building 📺【Novice Classroom】Great Bay Area Property Strategy📺【Novice Teaching】Buy a New Disk Step by Step ▼▼View More▼▼ Now on ” HongKongFloorPlans”: Subscribe to ” HongKongFloorPlans” YouTube channel: Like ” HongKongFloorPlans” Facebook page: Follow ” HongKongFloorPlans” Instagram: Follow public account: meilian_hk Hongkong) .


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