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Buying a house is not “buying a vegetable”. When a buyer buys a favorite unit, does it mean that he will be able to pay for it after paying? Boy, you are too young, you must check it before you move in! What should I pay attention to in building inspection? Immediately remember the basic skills below the super building inspection. 1. The door frame is a place that must be passed every day, and the gap between the door and the door frame should be paid more attention. For example, two 5 yuan coins can be inserted into the gap of the door frame, which means that the workmanship of the door frame is poor. After a long period of use, the door frame may become loose, and more extensive repair works may be required in the future. 2. The problem of platform tilting may fluctuate when the furniture is placed in the future. The inspector will use a water gauge to measure the level of the platform. For the civilian version, you can use a smart phone app, a cylindrical pen or a ping pong ball to test on the ground. Observe whether it will roll due to the tilt of the platform. 3. Hollow bricks cannot be ignored when accepting new units. In addition to observing the brick body for cracks and cracks with the naked eye, the owner can also tap the brick wall with a coin. If the sound is different when tapping, it means that the brick wall may be hollow and severely peeled. It should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent accidents. . 4. When the window encounters water leakage, it is necessary to build a shed during maintenance. At this time, the owner may be responsible for the additional maintenance expenses. In order to avoid spending “wonderful money”, new owners can pay attention to whether the windows against the lower wall have fallen off or become moldy due to water leakage. It is recommended to check whether the glass glue is intact and whether the window can be tightly closed during the window inspection. A simple method can be to use a card to try to take in the window gap to ensure that the window is tightly closed. 5. Leakage In addition to the risk of water seepage through windows, toilets and kitchens are also the worst-hit areas of water leakage. If you do not pay attention to the flooding of the house at any time! If you want to check whether the faucet is installed properly, the owner can turn on the faucet for a long time to see if the pipe is leaking. At the same time, it is recommended to store water in the wash basin, pay attention to the water coming and going and the water pressure capacity of the wash basin. 6. Don’t think that the air is “clean if you don’t see it”, because tiny organisms and air quality that are invisible to the naked eye are harmful to your body at any time! In order to protect yourself and your family, it is best to find a professional organization to conduct comprehensive bacteria and air testing to prevent dust mites and formaldehyde from exceeding the standard and endangering your health. Rescue your own floors. If you find any problems after self-inspection or building inspection, you should notify the housing estate office to follow up and repair the leaks as soon as possible. If necessary, you can also ask the building inspection expert to help you. After checking, you can live in peace of mind and satisfaction! 📌 If you have any questions about the property market or mortgage, please leave a message below or ask our online customer service: ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄⭐️ Featured videos⭐️ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ 📺【Novice Teaching】7 borrowings Reasons to Mortgage 📺【Novice Teaching】Home Ownership Mortgage Crash Course! 📺【Novice Teaching】Purchase second-hand building process step by step! 📺[Newbie Teaching]Dissolve the 5 “Limited” Words in the Greater Bay Area▼▼See more▼▼ Now on ” HongKongFloorPlans”: Subscribe to ” HongKongFloorPlans” YouTube channel: Like ” HongKongFloorPlans” Facebook special Page: Follow ” HongKongFloorPlans” Instagram: Follow Official Account: meilian_hk ( HongKongFloorPlans Hong Kong).


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