No more heroes for Chinese Olympians? Hong Kong citizens cheered collectively: once regarded the Chinese Olympic athletes as heroes and idols, but now they applaud for their mistakes and cheer for the Japanese team. They may not necessarily represent mainstream public opinion, but they further realize that the return of popular support is the return of the true meaning (Yang Jinlin on Current Affairs) )

Subscribe to Yang Jinlin channel and watch the latest videos for free every day: Welcome to support our creation through PayPal: Hong Kong Olympians performed brilliantly in the Tokyo Olympics this time, especially Zhang Jialang won the second Olympic gold for Hong Kong in the men’s individual foil competition. This is also the first Olympic gold medal in the 24th year of the reunification, writing a glorious page in the history of sports in Hong Kong. An analysis by an Internet research company shows that Hong Kong society has been shrouded in a downturn and negative atmosphere in the past two years. However, Zhang Jialang’s victory was like a thunderstorm in the night sky, which caused a public opinion explosion in the society, which made almost every Hong Kong person feel excited and excited. The social media likeness index rose to the highest point since 2017, reflecting the whole Hong Kong society. A vigorous and full emotional state. Behind the joy of the whole city, Hong Kong society has been torn apart for many years. For example, at the moment when Zhang Jialang won the gold medal, when the Chinese national anthem was played on the awards arena, many citizens watching the game in shopping malls actually booed, and even a video of replacing the national anthem with another song appeared on the Internet. One of the images was impressive. On July 26, at the Tokyo Olympics table tennis men’s and women’s mixed doubles final, the Chinese combination Xu Xin/Liu Shiwen played against the Japanese combination Mizutani Hayabusa/Ito Mima. The live broadcast of the game on a large electronic screen in a shopping mall in Hong Kong. Every time the Japanese team scored a score, the Hong Kong citizens who watched the live burst into enthusiastic cheers. In the end, the Chinese team lost to their opponents 3:4 and finished runner-up. Those Hong Kong citizens who watched the live broadcast do not seem to care who wins, they just want to see the Chinese team lose. The police intervened in the investigation and obtained evidence from shopping malls. In addition, individual establishments indiscriminately accused Wu Jialang of wearing black and going online, casting a political shadow over the event with Hong Kong characteristics. Friends in the mainland noticed this kind of deviation, and people remember it. From participating in the Olympics for the first time in 1984 to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Hong Kong citizens have given the greatest support and encouragement to the Chinese Olympic delegation. The Chinese team is their home team. Every Olympic gold medal of the Chinese delegation can arouse the greatest pride and patriotism of Hong Kong citizens; every Olympic gold medalist will be regarded by Hong Kong citizens as a national hero and be widely praised and praised; those who win glory for the country The Olympic athletes of Hong Kong are idols and role models for Hong Kong youth, inspiring them to work hard and strive for progress. After each Olympic Games, the mainland “Olympic Gold Medal Athletes Visiting Group” will set off an overwhelming wave of onlookers and patriotism in Hong Kong wherever they go. Everyone can blurt out “Xu Haifeng”, “Li Ning”, “Guo Jingjing”, “Fu Mingxia”, “Liu Xiang”, “Liu Guoliang”, “Kong Linghui”, “Deng Yaping”, and “Lin Dan” from the elderly to the elementary and middle school students. “, “Yao Ming” and a series of shiny names. Guo Jingjing and Fu Mingxia married to Hong Kong, and they have also become popular talks. I remember that the Chinese gold medalists’ visit to Hong Kong for the 2012 London Olympics has set off a huge star-chasing craze among the citizens of Hong Kong. There are nearly 7,000 tickets for the two Iraqi Pavilion sports demonstration performances. There are no positions. The flat ticket price is 20 Hong Kong dollars each. Tickets were sold out in less than half an hour after the online sale of tickets; at the ticket office of the Central City Hall, nearly 200 people were waiting in line at 8 am; and all tickets at the Tuen Mun ticket office were within 15 minutes sold out. On the day of the demonstration performance, the Hong Kong Observatory issued an orange warning for extremely hot weather, but it did not affect the enthusiasm of Hong Kong people for Olympic gold medalists. A large number of people lined up early in the morning to enter the venue, hoping to grab the best viewing spot. In Hong Kong at that time, as long as it was a match for the Chinese team, anyone who dared to cheer and applaud their opponents would probably be beaten to death by the Hong Kong people on the spot. In just a few years, the sentiment of Hong Kong citizens has undergone a 180° change. The sentiment of hatred and hatred for Lu has reached such a level that it is hoped that the Chinese team will lose. This is the only city in history with special family and country feelings. Why there is such a huge reversal and change? Many people have questions and many sighs. Who should reflect on? The return of public opinion is the real return. After the chaos is set aside, there are many things to do. .


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