[New Property Pursuit]Kaiyue in the South District is a self-contained corner of the land king’s mansion | Hong Kong 香港

#凯祥#新盘#Ap Leizhou[on.cc East Net Special News]A piece of land can be called the king of land. In addition to the high price, the condition of the land itself is also unique and rare in the market. In 2017, Logan Properties and KWG Group bid more than RMB 16.8 billion for the waterfront land at No. 66 Lee Nam Road, Ap Lei Chau. The land price per square foot reached RMB 22,118, setting a record price per square foot in Hong Kong at that time and becoming the most King of Guidi. According to Fang Fuyi, the chief regional sales director of HongKongFloorPlans, Ap Lei Chau in the southern district has become an emerging luxury residential area in recent years. The area has beautiful mountains and rivers, and complete supporting facilities. It is only about 20 minutes’ drive from central business districts such as Central. Since the opening of the South Island Line of the MTR, the external traffic has been fully upgraded. The property appreciation potential in the area cannot be ignored. For example, luxury housing projects in the area generally increase by 40% to 80% in 8 to 10 years. And Kai Yue, a housing estate located on the king of land on Lee Nam Road, has finally debuted. The project consists of 6 residential buildings, providing a total of 295 units with invincible sea views. The salable area of ​​standard units ranges from 1,393 to 3,635 square feet. Including three-bedroom double sets, four-bedroom double sets to four-bedroom four-set intervals. In addition, the project has special apartment types such as penthouse duplex, large flat floor, and terrace garden, with usable areas ranging from 1,340 to 9,663 square feet. The project not only has a “bad food” landscape, but also has complete living facilities. It takes only 8 to 15 minutes to walk from the real estate to MTR South Horizons Station and Leidong Station. In addition, daily shopping is more comprehensive, just across the road is the Haiyi Plaza with nearly 100 stores. If you want to know more information about the real estate, click to view it! Source: Dongwang on.cc #凯环#雅脷洲#新盘#midland #midlandrealty #hongkong #hongkonghomes #hongkongapartments #firsthandproperty #homestarter #ChillResidence #美联物业#美联竹盘APP #搵楼卖屋健康Quick search#搵竹盘#搵楼APP #左定#健贴#买楼#竹盘#一手#上车#上车盘#豪屋#新盘接攻————- —— 📱Download now #upgrade version of “#美联竹盘APP”: With innovative functions and upgraded user experience, it has won the highest rating from App Store users, and simultaneously launched the first “Regional Encyclopedia” in the bank to find properties and sell them Lou‧Midland is fast enough to “search”⚡ ——————- ►Like and follow “#美联物业” page and press “Following” (Following) button, select “See First” (See First) to receive the latest boarding information in real time! Remember to follow ►IG: ►YouTube: ► public account: HongKongFloorPlans (Midland Property)