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#新disk#MIAMIQUAY# Kai Tak As we all know, the runway area has repeatedly been the king of tens of billions of land. Many developers who hold the land in this rare area have deliberately named the runway area surrounded by the sea on three sides as “Park Peninsula”, and established them together. The company will cooperate to build this place into a brand-new luxury residential area in Kowloon! Since the runway area was given a new positioning, (for the first time) a new project has appeared, which is MIAMI QUAY, a residential project jointly developed by Wheelock Properties, New World (00017), Henderson Land (00012) and Empire Group. MIAMI QUAY provides 1,219 units in the whole phase, and the first phase occupies 648 units. The standard households have a usable area of ​​about 250 to 716 square feet, and the apartment types range from open-plan to three-bedroom units. Regardless of landscape, living environment, living facilities and investment potential, all have unique advantages. The runway area is surrounded by the sea on three sides, facing the Victoria Harbour, Lei Yue Mun and East Kowloon respectively, with first-class scenery. MIAMI QUAY is located at No. 23 Shing Lee Road, which is the back row in the middle of the runway area. Many units can enjoy unobstructed views of the Kwun Tong typhoon shelter and the bustling business district of East Kowloon. In terms of transportation, there is a bus stop downstairs from MIAMI QUAY. The route includes 22M via Kai Tak MTR Station, and you can also take a minibus to Kowloon Bay MTR Station. If you drive by car, you can turn out from Shing Fung Road, where the property is located, and it is already a Kowloon Bay business district via Kai Tak Bridge, which is quite convenient. It will be greatly reduced from the current 30 minutes to 5 minutes, and it will be more convenient to go to the West Kowloon High Speed ​​Rail Station in the future. The Government has also proposed a “multi-combination” environmental protection connection system earlier to strengthen the traffic in the runway area, such as the provision of cross-sea pedestrian and bicycle flyovers and water taxis. Wei Wenjun, the chief regional sales director of Midland Property, pointed out that the runway area itself has commercial land in addition to residential development. , many multinational companies have already settled in, it is a place where talents gather, and the demand for housing is naturally huge. The biggest selling point of the runway area is the leisure and greening facilities. In addition to the waterfront promenade on both sides, many large parks will be built in the future, such as the runway park, the sky garden, and the Metropolitan Park. The Metropolitan Park will be the largest in Hong Kong after its completion. The park and the runway area will look like an oasis on the water in the future. As for the highlight of Kai Tak, many sports parks were obtained on the spot. It is expected to be completed in 2024. It will provide a number of sports venues that meet the standards of international competitions and can host international sports events. It is a world-class landmark, and there are retail and catering facilities in the park. There are all kinds of food, play and shopping in Kai Tak, and many leisure and shopping hotspots in the area are about to be completed, including Nan Fung AIRSIDE and Petronas Twin Towers. Kai Tak also has advantages such as school network. If you want to know more about the potential of MIAMI QUAY, go to the film now! Learn more about MIAMI QUAY information, inquire or subscribe: ——————- 📱Download the #updated version of “#美liansunpan APP” now: with innovative functions and upgrades User experience, won the highest rating from App Store users, launched the first “regional encyclopedia” in the whole bank, and sold a property. #一手#新disk#新disk chase#一手#一手新disk#上车#上车 Raiders#Getting Tips#Buying Tips#Buying Property Raiders# Kai Tak New Property——— ———- ►Like and follow the “#MeilianProperty” page, press the “Following” button, and select “See First” to receive the latest property listing information in real time! Remember to follow ►Web: ►IG: ►Youtube: ► public account: meilian_hk ( HongKongFloorPlans Hong Kong)


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