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[New Disk Pursuit]Kai Tak Shang. How strong is the investment potential of Jumin?[On.cc Eastern Net News]Want to live a leisurely life by the river, but also want to enjoy the convenient transportation in the city? You can definitely have both fish and bear paws! Kai Tak’s new disc still. Not only is Yumin built on the Kai Tak River, the surrounding area is expected to be developed into a riverside park in the future. The real estate is also adjacent to the Kai Tak Railway Station, allowing you to enjoy the advantages of the Shazhong Line. Yet. Yueming is jointly developed by Longfor Group (00960) and KWG Group (01813). It provides 667 units with diversified apartment types, ranging from 1 bedroom to 4 households. What is the potential for development in the vicinity of the real estate? It is evident from the fact that Kai Tak has repeatedly given birth to tens of billions of land kings. Under the government’s “Enabling Kowloon East” plan, the authorities are determined to transform Kai Tak, Kwun Tong and Kowloon Bay into the “New Central” and become Hong Kong’s second core business district, which will further boost the demand for residential rentals in the district. Kai Tak’s infrastructure is also one after another, including the completed Kai Tak Cruise Terminal and the Kai Tak Sports Park under construction. Yet. Another selling point of Yueming is the high-quality school network. The primary school is the Wentian 34 school network. The middle school belongs to the Kowloon City District. There is also an international school nearby, which is highly sought after by families. And the surrounding facilities are complete. Recently, there are sunny shopping malls, people’s livelihood shops and markets. In terms of leisure and entertainment, there are many large shopping malls nearby, such as Kowloon Bay Telford Plaza and Megabox. Want to know is still. For more advantages, go to the film immediately and take you on-site inspection! 📌 If you have any questions about the property market or mortgage, please leave a message below, or contact our online customer service for inquiries: ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄⭐️ Featured videos⭐️ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ 📺[New disk pursuit]Southwest Kowloon New Pan Huixi III Full Contact 📺[New Disk Chasing]You can see the brand-new MARINI in Lohas Park. ▼▼ ▼▼ Go to the new page of ” HongKongFloorPlans”: Subscribe to ” HongKongFloorPlans” YouTube channel: Like ” HongKongFloorPlans” Facebook page: Follow ” HongKongFloorPlans” Instagram: Follow public No.: meilian_hk ( HongKongFloorPlans Hong Kong).


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