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👍Kowloon Bay Bamboo Plate Promotion: 🏠Depot Gardens page: 🏠Le Yayuan page: 🏠Telford Gardens page: 💬Online customer service query: Kowloon Bay is a densely populated place in Hong Kong, except for the well-known convenient transportation Besides, it turns out that I have a good taste in life. The housing estates introduced this time may show you who have a pursuit of life! Depot Garden, which was acquired in the mid-1980s, is one of the famous housing estates in Kowloon Bay and is known as one of the Three Treasures of Kowloon Bay. The entire housing estate consists of eight properties, providing about 2,000 units. Nearly 70% of the units are of a one-bedroom design, with an average area between 250 and 300 feet. The remaining three achievements are two-bedroom units that are close to 400 feet. Although Tak Bo Garden does not have a clubhouse for residents, it has an outdoor swimming pool in the estate, which is rare in the same area. The biggest feature of the housing estate is its own characteristic shopping mall-Niuxia New City. The Depot Mall was renovated in 2016 and renamed “Niuxia New Town”. The entire mall is based on the demolished Ngau Tau Kok Lower Village. In addition to being full of nostalgia, there are many delicacies and small shops that have become a major feature of Kowloon Bay. There is no need to introduce more in terms of transportation. Tak Bo Garden is only about 5 minutes away from Kowloon Bay Station, and there are a lot of bus lines around the MTR station. If you like Kowloon Bay and want more green surroundings, Le Nga Court should be a good choice. Lok Ya Court, located in Zhenhua Road, belongs to the home ownership housing in the mid-1980s. The housing estate consists of six blocks, all with one ladder and eight units, with a total of 1331 units. Most of them are close to 500 feet with two bedrooms and two living rooms, which are square and practical. The landscape of the housing estate is mainly based on Jordan Valley Park and the buried mountain. The landscape of a certain place is green and beautiful, and it is as green and pleasant as Saigon. On weekdays, you can go to Jordan Valley Park to have a picnic with friends or a family, which is a delight. Since the housing estate is connected to the nearby Lehua North Village, residents can share the facilities in the village, ranging from the market to the livelihood shops. If you like to go to the street, watch theaters and go shopping, the nearby Amoy Plaza and Telford Plaza can also satisfy your wishes. However, when we arrive at Telford Plaza, there is no reason to introduce Telford Gardens, a landmark housing estate in this area. As the first railway superstructure in East Kowloon, Telford Gardens has been a popular first choice for the built-in industry for many years. There are a total of 41 housing estates, supplying nearly 5,000 units. There are many types of units, but they are mainly designed with two bedrooms, with an area of ​​about 500-600 square feet. One of the popular reasons for Telford Gardens is that the units are practical enough, and the utility rate is generally close to 90%. However, the residents in this area feel the most happy. Apart from the Kowloon Bay Station, it is also the strongest living area. Downstairs is already the famous Telford Plaza, where trends, lifestyle, food, and entertainment are all Everything is ready. If you want to choose more, you can take the MegaBox, Nine Exhibitions and other large shopping malls at the traffic interchange, and you can take a special car to return to the house after the trip. The degree of convenience is really rare in the area. Kwun Tong, which is separated from the two stations, has a large number of open positions and hidden shops for you to discover at any time. For those who like to go shopping, Telford Gardens is simply an ideal living paradise. After listening to the above housing estate introduction, does Mizhong want to know more? Remember to contact HongKongFloorPlans immediately! ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄⭐️ Featured videos⭐️ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ 📺[New Pogang Building]Galaxy Mingju·Jun Xian·Yu·Hong Kong·New Building Exchange 📺[Jiangjun Ao]King Bayside·City Railway Station·Cai Ming Court·Wang Zhong and enjoy the tranquility of your body and mind📺[Tseung Kwan O Tower]To the blue sky, the majestic Tower, The Grandiose Bay, and the MTR estate. King Garden·Monthly Watching. Huafeng·A concentration of first-tier universities ▼▼See more▼▼ 🔸On the ” HongKongFloorPlans”: 🔸Subscribe to the ” HongKongFloorPlans” YouTube channel: 🔸Like ” HongKongFloorPlans” Facebook page: 🔸Track ” HongKongFloorPlans” Property》Instagram: 🔸Follow public account: HongKongFloorPlans (美联property).


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