Judging and Sharing Session of “My Community Micro Film Contest with Dreams”|【Fortune Live Channel】Lin Zhijian(Tony), Li Hongzhi(Rex), Leung Cheok Kee(Jack), Yu Chuoran(Jazz), Cai Jianglin(Candice) | Hong Kong 香港

#美连屋​​ #are dreams#micro film competition 🗓”just have dreams my community micro film competition” will be on June 26th #deadline to register with # to upload works🔚, a group of contestants will be devoted to the whole process #rush Deadline 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻 At the same time, you may encounter some problems that are “#不谂通🤔”, or the difficult and miscellaneous diseases in shooting are “#unsolved😵‍💫”! But it doesn’t matter! Wan There are heavyweight reviewers for major events #Hong Kong Printing and Publishing Media Industry Union Vice Chairman #林志建(#Tony ), together with the general manager of #Matterport Greater China #李红志(#Rex ) to help out, give you a super practical #photography🎥 #practice strategy🎬 ! 🗣 Sharing content in this episode: 0:00 “Just Have a Dream My Community Micro Film Contest” Jury Sharing Session 0:47 What is “#pinholephotography” #pinhole? “Want to prepare? 3:52 Is Pinhole good for filming? 4:43 Want to create a different #visual effect, can #VR do it? Is it difficult to execute? 9:36 Matterport #practice demonstration 10:59 How to transform ordinary community elements into interesting stories? 14:26 How to capture the essence of a community? Practical demonstration – #李玉门18:46 Can the AR concept be used in micro-movies? 23:01 Community stories of contestants Jack and Jazz – #Kwun Tong 23:40 How to present VR in micro-movies? How to enhance the presentation of community elements? 29:10 Filming #LightingNotes⚠️ The master teaches expression skills! 🌟 🌟🌟Dream·It’s not a good word, you have to sit up and do what you say, sign up with Nalin 🏆 to win 80,000 prizes 💰🗓 The deadline is June 26. Hey~🚪Registration Portal: ‼ ️ Participant qualifications: There is no age limit for participants, and the number of participants per team is no more than 15. Video content: Shoot a video within about 5 minutes. Welcome to join the VR virtual reality element to introduce community stories and dream pursuits in one of the districts of Hong Kong Journey 🗓 Deadline for submissions: June 26, 2022 📲 Enquiries and Contacts: 2844-8276 / 2140-8194 📱Download now #updated version《#美liansunpanAPP》: Win the app with innovative functions and upgraded user experience Store users have the highest rating, and simultaneously launched the first “regional encyclopedia” in the whole bank, and it is fast enough to buy a property. Sell a property. MicroFilm #CheckinYourDream #MESociety #photography #Filmproduction #Scriptwriting #cutfilm #visualeffects#virtualreality#VR #ImmersiveStorytelling #Matterport #AR #Mobileshoot#Kwuntong#李玉门#pinhole photography #pinhole #Hong KongPrint Publishing Media Industry Union ————————————————– ————————————————– ————– ►Like and follow the “#MeilianProperty” page, press the “Following” button, select “See First”, and receive the latest updates in real time Get on the car and find information! Remember to follow ►IG: ►YouTube: ► public account: HongKongFloorPlans ( HongKongFloorPlans)


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