Jinhuan on top of Wong Chuk Hang Station|Are there celebrities in the neighborhood? |How about the quality of nearly 30,000 square feet? |The room glass has 2mm large cracks! ! |There are too many old fields in the middle of the workers’ toilets? |When the horizontal hall is open, what is the view? |Will everyone play? |Hong Kong|Road King|Ping An Real Estate|MTR|Yifa Property Inspection Team|Open Box X Building Inspection

The Jinhuan residential project above the MTR Wong Chuk Hang Station in Hong Kong has more than 5200 units divided into six phases. The first phase was developed jointly by Road King, Ping An Real Estate, and MTR and offers units from studios to four-bedroom apartments. The acceptance unit featured in the video is an 882 sqft apartment with a horizontal hall layout and facing southeast. The building inspector gave an overall score of 80 and found only minor issues such as cracks in the glass, unsmooth walls, and stained ceilings. The Jinhuan development has attracted celebrities and famous business families but struggled to maintain sales momentum after the initial launch.

【Easy property inspection tour 🏠 Unboxing X building inspection】Wong Chuk Hang Station is covered with Jinhuan|All the neighbors are celebrities? |How about the quality of nearly 30,000 square feet? |The room glass has 2mm large cracks! ! |There are too many old fields in the middle of the workers’ toilets? |When the horizontal hall is open, what is the view? |Will everyone play? |Hong Kong|Road King|Ping An Real Estate|MTR|Easy Property Inspection Group|Out of the Box X Building Inspection The residential project on the South Bank of Hong Kong Island above MTR Wong Chuk Hang Station has been divided into six phases, developed by different developers, providing more than 5200 gangs. The first phase of Jinhuan is located on the land south of the station. It was jointly developed by Road King, Ping An Real Estate, a subsidiary of Ping An Insurance, and MTR. Buildings have been acquired and occupied in January. The acceptance unit is located in Room D on the middle and lower floors of Block 1B, with a usable area of ​​882 square feet. In the second round of sales, the owner bought it at a discounted price of 27.749 million yuan, and the price per square foot was more than 31,400 yuan. The unit adopts a horizontal hall layout, and only this column is opened like this in the first standard floor. The current unit management fee is 5600 yuan, about 6.35 yuan per square foot. The living and dining room is about 3.2 meters wide and 6.7 meters long, totaling about 236 square feet. As for the height between the unit floors, it is the standard height of 3.15 meters for new developments. The unit faces southeast, and there is plenty of sunshine in the morning. However, looking out from the glass curtain wall, it is mainly the building view. From left to right, the fourth phase of the project, the Wong Chuk Hang student dormitory of the University of Hong Kong and the building itself. Looking back at the information, the two dormitory buildings for Hong Kong university students on the opposite side are 17 stories high, and there are 3 floors with a parking lot, multi-functional facilities and a platform for the auditorium. In other words, the unit should be on the 23rd floor or above to have an open view and see Nanlang Mountain. The living and dining room is connected to a 31-square-foot terrace. However, the deed of mutual covenant of the building stipulates that residents can only dry clothes on the working platform, and the drying height cannot exceed the level of the railings. The owner needs to pay attention. Previously, the path was in Yuen Long, the first residential project in Hong Kong, which was full of mountains and rivers, and the quality of the building inspection was average. Building inspector Zhong Zhigang pointed out that the quality of the real estate has improved this time, with an overall score of 80. The unit did not find many major problems. The main deductions came from windows, brick laying and running water items, and the middle window part was even unqualified. Although it has improved, a lot of careless defects can still be found. It seems that the ceiling and wall of the living and dining room are not smooth and stained, the ceiling outside the door is loose, and the socket and telephone socket near the right window are tilted. wait. The kitchen area is quite large, with a three-sided work surface, so there is a lot of storage and meal preparation space. Single occupants are equipped with a lot of home appliances, including ovens, wine cabinets and coffee machines, all of which are from the German brand Miele. After acceptance, it was found that the main problem came from the leakage of the water pipe of the zinc plate, which needed to be repaired. There is not much space in the worker’s room with toilets, but you should be careful when going into the toilets, because there is a drain opening in the middle of the ground, which is convenient for the owner to use the drain vines to remove the silt in the drain. Chung Sir thinks that the positioning is not ideal and it will hinder entry and exit. All the bedrooms and guest toilets are distributed in the corridor, and the room near the hall is square and about 50 square feet. Because it faces the same direction as the living room, they all look at the building view. The size of the middle room is similar, but it has curved floor-to-ceiling glass windows, but one of the glass has chipped more than 2mm and needs to be replaced. The guest toilet is a mainstream design and uses a vertical cylinder. In addition, there are windows. Compared with most of the guest toilets in the new building, which are black toilets, this is really a plus. The master suite is approximately 127 square feet and connects to a 16-square-foot work deck. The room can be made to get out of bed on three sides, but the double bed may be placed slightly closer to the door to reserve space for a wardrobe, and it does not need to face the toilet. There are still many problems with the aluminum doors and windows in the room. In addition, some floors have cracks, nail holes have not been repaired, and the socket on the right side of the door cannot be inserted. Jinhuan will go on sale in 2021. As the first new development on the railway in Hong Kong Island in 30 years, the price is not cheap. The discounted average price per square foot in the first price list was 29,689 yuan, which was once the most expensive railway property. Although the price of each property exceeded ten million yuan, the response was very good that year, and the first two rounds of sales were sold out on the same day. The real estate has attracted many people from the entertainment industry and famous business families to enter the market, including Lu Shuyi, Wang Shishi, Lu Lijun who has changed her name to Lu Peilin, former CEO of TOM Group Wang Sing, and famous architect Lu Yuanxiang, etc. However, the sales stamina did not continue after that. When the developer released another 160 units in September last year, even though the open-style units were discounted by 3.7% to 21.7%, the property price of the admitted units fell to 8.86 million yuan, but the first sale Day still has to “eat ginkgo”. Until now, only 5 of these units have been sold. As there will be at least two more phases of projects on the south coast of Hong Kong Island for sale this year, if developers want to speed up the sale of goods and cash out, they may have to further reduce prices to increase competitiveness. Jinhuan consists of two properties, providing 800 units. The salable area ranges from 289 to 2,084 square feet, covering studio to four-bedroom units. There are only 107 private car parking spaces in the housing estate, that is, one is allocated for every 7.4 households. Since its launch in 2021, Jinhuan has sold 628 units, and there are 172 units left, ranging from RMB 9.58 million to RMB 41.977 million. In addition, there are currently more than 100 listings for rent on the market. Referring to the website of 28Hse, the asking rent starts from 19,500 yuan for a room. The asking price for a rental listing with the same opening standard as the acceptance unit is 59,000 yuan, and the price per square foot is about 66.9 yuan. If calculated based on the purchase price of the accepted unit of 27.749 million yuan, the rental rate of return is about 2.5%. 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