Inside A $446 Million Hong Kong Mansion

Hong Kong is building up their own version of “billionaire’s row” right in the heart of the city is where you’ll find a slew of mega mansions, owned by some of the worlds richest people-each house-worth well over $400 million! Subscribe for more amazing videos! ► ◄ The most expensive mansion in all of Hong Kong– and perhaps even all of Asia– is being sold for a whopping $446 million. For that price, you might be expecting luxury the likes of which you ‘ve never seen before. Well, we’d hate to disappoint, but this mansion is interesting for an entirely different reason. Located in the elite neighborhood of Victoria Peak, the highest elevated hill in all of Hong Kong and the most expensive neighborhood in the whole city, this mansion is surprisingly modest and kind of dated. So, how did it earn its multi-million dollar asking price? It’s all about location, and the Peak might be the most expensive place in the entire world to live. With lush forests and greenery, gated communities a nd stunning views of the Hong Kong skyline, this neighborhood is home to some of the world’s richest, like Jack Ma and tech billionaire Yeung Kin-man. People will pay top prices to get an address in one of these coveted neighborhoods. In fact, many of the streets here have been named the most expensive in the world. With Hong Kong already being the place with the most expensive real-estate market for the last eight years in a row, the Peak is the top of the top. However, it’s only making Hong Kong’s housing crisis worse. Join us as we give you a tour of this modest-mansion on the Peak– and discuss how it got so expensive to live there in the first place. For copyright matters please contact us at:


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