I HELPED A CRIMINAL ESCAPE THE POLICE-Floor Plan 2-Oculus Quest 2 | Pungence

Floor Plan 2 on the Oculus Quest 2! Thank you Oculus for sponsoring this video! #OculusPartner #OculusQuest2. Interested in the Oculus Quest 2? Click here: In today’s video, I run into some funny crazy characters, solving puzzles, searching for treasure , all on a WIRELESS VR headset, the new Oculus Quest 2! Here is a description of Floor Plan 2 by its developers Turbo Button: Floor Plan 2 is a comedy adventure inspired by escape rooms, packed with more puzzles than you can fit in an elevator. On your first day of work, the boss sends you on an errand to retrieve a lost treasure that will turn the company’s fortunes around. And good news: it’s somewhere in the building! Just use the elevator down the hall. Oh, and by the way, each floor is a gateway to another world, nobody speaks your language, and time and space are fluid. OK good luck! Features: • Use your elevator to solve mind-bending puzzles in a series of connected escape rooms • Step out onto each floor, explore, and meet bizar re characters • Revisit completed puzzles to find new, remixed challenges waiting for you • Over 4 hours of hand-crafted, charming-as-heck gameplay, plus future content updates • Built exclusively for VR, and designed to be comfortable for everyone Developed with love by Turbo Button in Los Angeles. Find us on Twitter at @TurboButtonInc! I hope you guys enjoyed this Floor Plan 2 gameplay on the Oculus Quest 2! If you did, feel free to leave a like and subscribe! You’re awesome! 😀 Enjoy the video? Click here to subscribe! Instagram: Follow me on Twitch to catch my live streams: Twitter: Facebook:.


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