How to Sketch a Floor Plan | COMPLETE Beginner’s Guide!! Step by Step (2021)

Learn how to sketch a floor plan! This is a complete beginners guide helping you draw your very first floor plan. We will NOT be using a scale ruler or graphing paper – we’re basically free handing much of it! This is a great exercise just to learn components of a floor plan and the best common practices to use when drawing floor plans. Let me know if you want a more advanced tutorial. 📐Measurement TOOLS I Recommend: ▶ Bosch Blaze GLM 50 C Bluetooth Enabled 165 Ft: ▶Laser Measure 229 Ft – Tavool: ▶ Laser Measure 393Ft – LOMVUM: ▶ Laser Measure 165 Ft (one I have)- Tavool: TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 – Introduction 0:49 – Supplies Needed (Check Links Below) 1:21 – Step # 1 2:06 – Step #2 3:12 – Step #3 4:12 – Step #4 6:15 – Step #5 7:17 – Step #6 8:10 – Additional Disclaimer 8:56 – Outro 🎼 MUSIC USED : ▶ ◀ —————————- 🛍 Shop architecture student apparel 👕 at: 🧵 💖 Consider supporting my Patreon to further support this Channel !: 💖 JOIN our DISCORD👾: 📐 Check out the NEW SITE: ——— ——————- 📸 Gear Used: ▶Nikon: ▶Tripod: ▶GoPro Hero: ▶Blue Yeti Mic: 📸 Let’s Connect on IG: @perri.arch Section 107 of the Copyright Act defines fair use as follows: “[T]he fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright.” Just a Quick Disclaimer: The architectural information is provided for general information and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional advice. Accordingly, before taking any action based upon such information, I encourage you to consult with the appropriate legal professionals. THE USE OR RELIANCE OF ANY INFORMATION CONTAINED ON THIS YOUTUBE CHANNEL IS SOLELY AT YOUR OWN RISK. Lastly, some of my videos contain affiliate marketing links. If you purchase something with one of the links, you will not pay a cent more! 💖 However, your purchase helps support this channel because I get a tiny commission.