How to Make a Floor Plan or Classroom Layout in Excel within Minutes for FREE! Super Easy Excel Tips

In this video we show you how to make a simple floor plan or classroom layout using Excel. This will not produce a true CAD style drawing. If you want a CAD style drawing using Excel, please check out our product Excel Draw. Excel Draw Training videos: Excel Draw Webpage: ——————————————– ——————— Brought to you by Gray Technical, LLC We offer products in Excel, AutoCAD, and utility products like XYZ Mesh and G-Drive Linker. DXF Reader GT – Extracts data from DXF drawings Excel Draw – Creates CAD style drawings in Excel CelTools – Tools for managing Excel and making task easier G-Drive Linker – Create direct download links with Google Drive files, folders and docs. XYZ Mesh – Create 3D surface graphs and scatter plots using XYZ data points and Excel ————————————— ————————– If you have any questions, let us know!