How to Draw A Floor Plan in Autocad | Tutorial For Beginners | Autocad 2021 Mac

In this Autocad Mac tutorial, I will show you how to draw a floor plan in Autocad from scratch. Complete tutorial for beginners-the only video you need to learn the workflow of Autocad. This tutorial is made in Autocad 2021 Mac (the LT version ) however, all the concepts & commands work in Autocad For Windows & in the full Autocad version. I will show you how to create a detailed floor plan with walls, doors, windows, furniture, fixtures, and equipment. I am including download links for the majority of the resources I am using in this video which can be found below. I will use blocks from Autocad library, and my own created blocks, I will assign layers to all the elements I create, and I will show you how to print in Autocad from layout, insert a titleblock, and export to a Pdf document. Timestamp: 00:00 What is covered in this video 02:13 Autocad general settings: Units & Drafting Settings 04:48 Drawing walls: using Polyline command 07: 48 Drawing walls: using Offset command 12:00 Dra wing walls: using Mirror command 13:18 Drawing walls: using Copy command 15:32 Drawing walls: using Trim command 17:10 Using the Measure tool 19:55 Adding Openings for doors & windows 31:08 Using the Join command 33:11 Drawing windows using Rectangle command 36:49 Drawing a door 39:28 Making a door block 40:36 Inserting a door block 45:58 Drawing a sliding door 49:34 Creating Layers 50:43 Inserting standard layers. 52:49 Adding Room Names using Text elements 54:09 Text Style Manager 55:28 Inserting standard text styles 57:51 Editing a text 58:22 Adding a Text Frame 1:00:45 Adding dimensions 1:01:57 Dimension Style Manager 1:02:42 Inserting standard dimension styles 1:07:08 Drawing furniture 1:10:15 Adding furniture blocks 1:12:20 Adding & using a dynamic block 1:15:24 Adding fixtures blocks 1:24:48 Adding Kitchen equipment & casework (cabinetry) 1:32:34 Autocad Layouts 1:33:05 Layout Settings (Page Setup) 1:33:44 Setting the Printer to Pdf 1:34:05 Setting the Paper Size 1:35:07 Setting the Plot Style 1:35:34 Titleblocks 1:35:48 What is a Titleblock 1:38:25 Inserting a Titleblock 1:39:09 Titleblock Attributes 1:40:33 Editing Titleblock Attributes 1:42:00 Viewport 1:43 :11 Scaling the drawing using Viewport 1:45:33 Inserting a Viewport 1:46:00 Print / Plot-Exporting to a Pdf document 1:47:26 Adding a hatch (I missed talking about it earlier) 1:49:56 Autocad Templates 1:51:47 Autocad Template example 1:52:51 How to use a Template file __________ To get this Autocad file, join our Patreon page: __________ For Windows users, check our Autocad For Windows playlist: __________ Resources: • How long does it take to learn Autocad: • Learn the Autocad for Mac interface: • How to add a blocks library to Autocad libraries: • Autocad Standard Layers Settings: • Websites to get free Autocad blocks: • 50 Autocad Shortcuts you should know and use : • Autocad tips for Mac users: • Autocad Vs Autocad LT: __________ Free Downloads Links: • Standard Text Styles: • Standard Dimension St yles: • Standard Leader Styles: • Jay Cad-Free Block Collection: • Standard Titleblock: • Standard Kitchen Blocks: __________ Advanced Printing in Autocad:-Join our course on Udemy to learn everything you need to know about: • Setting up multiple layouts • Inserting different Titleblocks. • Working with viewports. • Printing single sheets. • Printing Multiple sheets from a single Autocad drawing. • Printing multiple sheets from multiple Autocad drawings. __________ Purchase & Download links: * Jay Cad Template file: * Jay Cad Furniture Blocks collection: * Jay Cad kitchen blocks collection: * To see our full collection: __________ I offer one-on-one Autocad training sessions on: Takelessons: Wyzant: _____ Website: Instagram: Pinterest: #autocad #autocadformac #autocadtutorial.


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