How To Draw A Floor Plan By Hand (For Beginners)

How To Draw A Floor Plan By Hand ✅ Claim your 4 FREE photo edits here! No credit card required on sign up. 👉 ✅ Video Summary Are you worried you might be losing potential buyers for your properties because you aren’t using professional floor plans ? In this video, we will show you just how quick and easy creating a professional floor plan can be with the help of our expert editors. Plus, you don’t even need a laser or tape measure! ✅ Description Did you know, 1 in 5 buyers would ignore a property listing completely if it didn’t include a floor plan? That means you could be missing out on 20% of your inquiries with potential buyers scrolling right past your listing. But don’t panic! We’re going to show you the easiest and fastest way to create a floor plan without using a measuring tape or laser measure. ✅ Tips To Measure Your Floor Plan 👉 Use 1:1 graph paper By using 1:1 graph paper, you can keep it simple with a 1-meter step equaling 1 box on the graph paper. This way you can avoid hav ing to use a tape measure or laser measure and work your way through the property quickly and easily. 👉 Step it out Make your way around the home and measure each wall using your steps. Then it’s simply a matter of drawing the lines on the paper to correspond with the number of 1-meter steps taken. Also, be sure to include measurements on the plan ie 5m to give a really clear understanding of the size and scale of the room. 👉 Start at one edge of the paper By starting at one end of the paper, you can be sure to have enough room to capture the overall layout of the property and provide maximum context of the home and room. 👉 Add in the windows and doors Drawing in the windows and doors is a great way to give the potential buyer a feel for the flow and layout of the room. These can be quickly drawn onto the floor plan sketch using the windows and doors symbols which are detailed below. Be sure to include which way the doors open. 👉 Add in features like kitchens and bathrooms Again, this helps give the potential buyer a feel for the features of the room and begin to imagine how they might use the space. Always be sure to include the specific layout of the sink and use the symbols highlighted below to demonstrate any included appliances as well as the style of stove or cooktop. 👉 Label the key areas By adding labels to the key areas of the home you can help give the editors an idea of ​​what rooms are what along with also labeling outdoor areas and entrances. Again, this helps demonstrate the flow of the room and ensure the finished product is clear and easy to follow.