How To Create a Floor Plan with SketchUp Free (7 EASY Steps)

Want to create a floor plan with SketchUp Free? This SketchUp tutorial walks you through the process in 7 easy steps. Along the way, you’ll learn the right way to use many of SketchUp’s tools and features as well as how to avoid common mistakes . Here’s what we cover: Introduction (00:00) 1⃣ Get SketchUp Free Setup for 2D (1:13) 2⃣ Draw The Floor (01:59) 3⃣ Draw The Exterior Walls (04:30) 4⃣ Draw The Interior Walls (07 :00) 5⃣ Add The Windows & Doors (08:53) 6⃣ Import Furniture & Fixtures (13:01) 7⃣ Style The Plan for Presentation (15:50) Next Steps (17:40​) And we created some notes, to help you remember everything: ========================= “Your structure for presenting retainable information is remarkable. Thank you from all of us learning.” Jacob Howse 😀 ========================= DID YOU LEARN SOMETHING NEW IN THIS VIDEO? Do us a favor, and tell us your favorite tip in the comments . And make sure to 👍 and subscribe. ========================= “It’s a pleasure to watch a well structur ed, professionally presented and succinct video. Many thanks!” deldridg 😃 ========================= What next? If you’re thinking about building out your floor plan in 3D, check out this video: And if you’re not sure whether you should be using SketchUp Free or one of the paid versions, check out this video that compares all the different versions: ======= =================== “Your teaching methods are fantastic and I only wish I had started learning SketchUp the right way sooner.” Ron Paulk 😀 ======== ================= ____________________________ ABOUT SKETCHUP SCHOOL SketchUp School is the place where professionals go when they’re serious about learning SketchUp ( You can also find us on Facebook ( & Twitter ( Check out our guide: SketchUp – The Definitive Guide to Getting Started ( #sketchup #sketchuptutorial #sketchupfree