How many epileptics are there in Hong Kong under the epidemic? Go to even ten pharmacies and can’t buy Bili Pain? Pei Yi will visit various districts to test for you!

#港实试#香港病毒# Under the fifth wave of the epidemic, @猴仪PuiYee will test how many epilepsy you can have in Hong Kong today! Immediately go to the film to see the real situation in Hong Kong today! Everyone stay healthy during the epidemic! Hong Kong people come on💛 👇Follow our members! Learn more behind the scenes fun! Pei Yi IG: ppui.yee (YouTube: @贝仪PuiYee ———————————— ———————— Xiaoxin IG: hhiuyyan ( ——————– —————————————- Small test, big reflection, “Hong Kong. Measured “For you to measure people’s livelihood. IG @testhongkong ( Facebook: